How CSR can boost employee engagement

Employee benefits provider, Sodexo Engage, has put together a checklist of the most effective ways employers can use CSR to engage employees.

Talk it out

Employees will appreciate transparency when it comes to CSR, so it’ll be critical to inform the team about any initiatives being implemented. Better yet, a sure-fire way to not only make team members feel valued, but to keep them engaged as well is to get them involved.

Managers could initiate a company-wide brainstorm, or send round a survey asking staff about what they value and how the company can do better. CSR means something different to everyone, but the environment, social causes, and diversity and inclusion should all be high on the agenda, and team members will be able to share their unique perspectives and ideas.

Paid time off to volunteer

In modern life, time feels like a rare entity. With work and social life, finding time to give back is hard to schedule in, and many of us are burdened with guilt about that. With the shift in how millennials perceive their jobs, less as a means to make money and more as a representation of themselves and their ethics, it’s important employers take this on board.
65% of employers offer this benefit and those not already on board might want to consider it. Offering paid time to volunteer and give back to the community will ensure employees see their business favourably and will be a great way to attract and keep talent engaged.

Training and development

Learning and development is a crucial part of any business strategy and demonstrates a business is not just concentrating on the here and now, but looking to the future too. Although CSR is now a familiar concept for most, many only understand it on a surface level, so educating team members on what it means, and upskilling managers by training them on CSR initiatives will be beneficial. Employees could be educated on the many facets of CSR, including its internal implementation, such as being a more eco-friendly or diverse workplace, or how businesses can be philanthropic and give back to the community and charitable organisations.
A recent report saw 94% of employees crediting their success to learning and development, which goes to show just how much employees appreciate such programmes.

Jamie Mackenzie, Director at Sodexo Engage, comments: “Corporate Social Responsibility is a term that’s frequently spoken about, but employers need to actively demonstrate that they’re taking concrete action to support the community around them. With CSR top of the list for many young professionals’ when looking for a job, participating in such initiatives is also a great way to attract talent and keep staff engaged. The employee of today doesn’t want to leave work with a bad taste in their mouth, they’ve grown up with a grave news cycle, with particular emphasis on the environmental crisis and entrenched inequalities, and they want to know their employer is taking action to help them do their bit.”