How is Brexit affecting manufacturing in the West of England?

EEF ‘Making Brexit Work’

Today, EEF, the manufacturers’ organisation, will host the Making Brexit Work – Preparing Manufacturers for Brexit conference in Bristol.

The event will bring together 100 West of England business and manufacturing leaders and Westminster policy experts to identify key concerns and opportunities presented by Brexit.

The event is the third in the EEF Brexit roadshow series. It was set up in response to EEF members’ calls for greater clarity on the implications of Brexit on their day-to-day operations.

EEF are playing a leading role in helping business prepare for this major change; as well as the roadshow programme, EEF have recently launched an online Brexit toolkit providing a detailed and easy to use resource for businesses who import and export goods, whatever sector they work in.

A keynote speech will be provided by Baroness Neville-Rolfe. Neville-Rolfe is a member of the House of Lords EU Select Committee, and previously served as a Minister in the Treasury and the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. Attendees will also hear from senior government Brexit officials, specialist trade and migration advisers and West of England MEP, Ashley Fox.

Underlining the event’s importance, the Department for Exiting the EU’s recent economic analysis found that the South West could be badly affected by Brexit. The analysis suggests that both no deal and free trade deal scenarios could lead to 5% and 2% reduction’s in the region’s economy respectively.

Symbolically, the conference is being held at Aerospace Bristol, the birthplace of Concorde, and emblematic of the UK’s innovation and technological achievements in aeronautics in the region and manufacturing more broadly.

Hilary Douglas, Head of Corporate Affairs, EEF, said: “Manufacturers remain desperate for clarity as we count down towards Brexit, and the high levels of interest in today’s event underlines this. Getting Brexit right for manufacturers is not only critical for the sector, but also for the UK economy.

“Delegates at our Bristol conference will hear from a range of EU experts, both from within Government and the wider policy and academic environment. We aim to provide a clearer picture of the challenges Brexit may present and the tools needed to develop detailed and robust contingency plans.”

Baroness Neville Rolfe, keynote speaker, said: “Brexit continues to cause uncertainty for manufacturers across this region, which has a rich history of industrial innovation. As negotiations pick up pace, it is crucial that manufacturers ensure they are Brexit-prepared to ensure they are best positioned to take this heritage into the future.

“The conference today will play an important role in ensuring manufacturers’ concerns are clearly articulated to Government and policymakers.”