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How lenient are Brits towards MPs and CEOs using illegal drugs?

Those in senior positions undoubtedly have a mountain of responsibilities and obstacles to deal with every day. Often under the scrutiny of the public eye, the pressures of making multiple large-scale decisions can naturally weigh them down. This is when they may indulge in vices such as smoking and drinking to help them cope with the stress and scrutiny. But what about drugs?

Interested in so-called escape mechanisms, analysed the latest findings from YouGov, who surveyed 1,677 Brits to see how open they would be too high-profile public figures using a range of illegal drugs in their current job/role.

Vapourcore found that cannabis is the drug that Brits view as the most acceptable (5%) for senior figures to frequently use whilst in their job. Contrastingly, just 1% think it is ok for the likes of MPs and chief executives to regularly take magic mushrooms, amphetamines, ecstasy, LSD, cocaine or heroin in their high-ranking position.

Focusing on the occasional consumption of drugs. The public again believe that cannabis is the drug that public figures can use every so often (14%) whilst performing their duties. Thereafter, a mere 4% consider the infrequent use of magic mushrooms, amphetamines, ecstasy or cocaine by high-level individuals as acceptable. Heroin is the drug Brits state is the least acceptable (1%) for prominent names in the political and business spectrum to occasionally take.

Moreover, 43% of Brits assert cannabis alongside magic mushrooms as the drugs which they feel are the most suitable for established figures in the public domain to have taken before being in their high-profile post. 36% would equally tolerate someone in an authoritative position who has previously used amphetamines and/or ecstasy prior to accepting their existing senior title. Interestingly, 27% are fine with the notion of someone who has taken heroin in their past but is not continuing to do so now in their important business or political role.

When exploring the hard-line stances Brits have on illegal substances, Vapourcore found that the majority (64%) believe any individual that has ever taken heroin should be prohibited from being appointed in a very notable occupation, such as an MP or chief executive.

Cocaine (56%), LSD (52%), and ecstasy (51%) are the other drugs where more than half of the public feel if a professional has ever consumed any one or a combination of them, then they should be disqualified from taking up a senior position or remaining in their existing senior position. Furthermore, 31% think it is not appropriate for a person who has smoked weed in the past to be in or hired for a high-ranking job.

Charles Bloom, Managing Director of commented: “Those who hold high positions in society are undeniably burdened by a lot of expectations and pressure. So, it’s only natural for them to find solace in substances like alcohol and cigarettes. Though for some, de-stressing maybe more extreme and involve the use of illegal drugs. Of course, illegal drugs under any circumstances are not the ideal solution to dealing with one’s problems, but this research highlights the varying acceptance Brits have towards the use of different drugs by reputable senior figures. With the public tellingly more tolerant towards them using soft rather than hard drugs in their past as well as present situation”.