How much do you really know about your IT security?

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Does your server sit in a corner of the office? Do you have computer protection ready to block incoming threats? That’s a great start, but your business may need more.

Introducing Nebula’s Frontier, a security solution designed around Microsoft 365 to meet the needs of your business personally. Frontier works within Microsoft Azure to proactively search, connect and collect data from all systems, whether they are in the Cloud or on premises. It also uses AI and algorithms to actively learn from behaviours, and is designed to offer you fast and automated security. Our Frontier solution is based on four stages which are designed to;

  • Collect all business information from all users, devices and applications
  • Detect previously uncovered threats and learn your behaviours, using Microsoft analytics
  • Investigate threats with AI and proactively work to hunt for suspicious activity
  • Respond to incidents automatically and rapidly

As IT becomes more strategic, the importance of security grows daily. And in most cases a simple defence strategy won’t be enough to keep pace with today’s challenges, let alone tomorrows unimagined risks.

Knowledge, after all, is power! And with Frontier you share all the power of Microsoft’s extensive experience, on a global scale. Eliminating the need for large security budgets, Frontier offers your business limitless speed and scale without the hassle of time or employee management, ultimately giving you more time to focus on the real security issues.

Not only this but you are able to integrate Frontier with any existing business tools; whether you run third party solutions, tools or even have current security software in place, we can help you. As not only is it scalable to any business size and need, but can grow as your business does.

IT and security in particular can be overwhelming for many businesses; with ever changing staff, time constraints and knowledge, it may be hard to keep up with just how well your business is protecting itself. So why not let us take that weight off of your shoulders – we will manage all of your risks and potential threats and tell you about them after in any way you please.

But we aren’t here to scare you, we want to help! At Nebula we offer our Frontier security solution, wrapped as one and designed specifically for you.  With our tiered packages we are adaptable to your business needs and can offer a simple solution with endless benefits. To find out more information give us a call on 01454 534009 or visit the website at to find out more information about how we can work together to make your working environment safer.  |  01454 534009  |

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