How rich would the employees of the world’s largest companies be if their company’s shares were split equally?

ETX Capital recently published a study that uses stock market data to find out how rich the employees of 100 of the world’s largest companies would be if their employer’s total shares were equally split between them all. According to the study, Apple’s 100,000 employees would be the wealthiest overall – if their company’s shares outstanding were split between them all, they’d have over $24 million each.

Various other tech companies stood out on the list; Facebook was second on the list, with its 60,654 employees pocketing $13.8 million each; Microsoft came in third, with the software company’s 163,000 employees receiving $13.2 million each. Alphabet was ranked 6th on this list, with their 139,995 employees each receiving $6.2 million each.

Tesla came in 5th overall on the list and topped the consumer discretionary ranking. Elon Musk’s 70,757 employees would have just under $10 million each.

Many food and drink companies made appearances on the list too; in 14th place overall and top of the consumer staples category, Coca-Cola’s 80,300 employees would each earn $3.06 million; the 273,000 employees of Nestlé, which sits second in the consumer staples list, would have $1.27 million each, and the 38,000 employees of Kraft Heinz would each see $1.18 million.

Jeff Bezos‘ Amazon sits at number 32 overall, which is surprisingly low considering that Amazon is the most valuable brand in the world. Although Amazon employees will still be left with over $1.3 million per person!

These findings come at a time when furlough is coming to an end in the UK, raising serious questions as to the steps that companies will take to reduce their financial constraints. However, for the companies mentioned here, it might be hard to make a strong case that any redundancies are ‘necessary’, should they decide to go down that route.