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Glen Lowes

Following a successful speaking engagement at a recent industry conference, Managing Director at Complete One, Glen Lowes has shared his public speaking secrets to help entrepreneurs and aspiring professionals build their skill-set.

Lowes is proud to have established a broad portfolio of speaking engagements. Now an experienced public speaker, Lowes has shared his tips to help aspiring professionals to become more confident and accomplished speakers,

Be real

Lowes believes that the most effective public speakers let their personality shine through. “Don’t be robotic, people appreciate and connect with realness,” commented Lowes. The award-winning entrepreneur believes that when speakers are real, it allows them to establish credibility and build trust with the audience.

Grab Attention

“The first 10 seconds of a talk are the most important,” commented Lowes. The business owner contends that starting with a statistic, quote or interesting anecdote automatically captures the attention of the audience.

Don’t Read Notes

“Maintaining eye contact with the audience is critical to keep them engaged,” argues Lowes. The business owner states that reading from a script or card interrupts the connection and restricts the audiences ability to focus and pay attention to the message.


The value of smiling can never be underestimated claims Lowes. The Complete One MD contends that smiling at the audience naturally instills a feeling of confidence and helps the speaker to relax.

Make it Personal

“Some great speakers fail to capture an audience and leave an impression by being generic. The secret to being an effective public speaker is to get personal,” commented Lowes. The business owner believes that an audience will remember stories more than facts and figures.

Public speaking is one of the skills that Complete One teaches as a part of their business development program. Over the last two years, Lowes has committed to expanding his speaking engagements, and he believes that has helped him to become a better coach and mentor for others. “Like anything in life, having experience in something, naturally makes you a better teacher. Since I have committed to taking more speaking engagements, it has had a prominent impact on my abilities as a teacher,” commented Lowes.

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