How to be an effective leader

Leadership is a focal point at Sheffield-based LuCreative. The direct sales and marketing company have published the how-to guide for effective leadership.

Managing Director at LuCreative, Connor Hodgson believes that effective leadership differentiates the successful from the unsuccessful. At LuCreative they believe that successful businesses are built on solid leadership foundations, and the young firm teaches leadership and nurtures those with leadership abilities to help them progress their business development.

The customer acquisition specialists have published their how-to guide for effective leadership, highlighting what it takes to develop outstanding leadership skills.

Time Management

According to a report from The Center for Management and Organization Effectiveness (CMOE), the average leader spends a staggering five hours per day checking to and responding to emails and taking phone calls. The natural interruptions and unexpected circumstances that arise make it extremely difficult for people to complete tasks without an effective time management strategy. Despite conflicting reports on the value of multi-tasking, at LuCreative, they urge aspiring professionals to focus on each task at a time and have delegated time slots for checking emails and responding to calls. Mr Hodgson argues that people get faster and better results by giving each task their total focus and attention.


Hodgson believes that one crucial mistake leaders make is attempting to accomplish everything by themselves. The business owner states that ineffective leaders are perfectionists and control freaks that struggle to delegate. The business owner believes that great leaders understand the importance of delegation. “By delegating you are not only freeing up time and easing the workload, you are also teaching your team, helping them to learn, grow and develop.” Commented Mr Hodgson.


At LuCreative, the management team have an open door policy, making communication easy. Mr Hodgson argues that keeping the lines of communication open is vital.“It’s important to me that I am accessible to everyone, no matter their level in the business.” Stated Mr Hodgson. The business owner firmly believes that communication is essential to keep morale high and people feeling valued.

Despite their no experience necessary approach to talent acquisition, one of the skills that the firm does look for and values is leadership, and that is a skill that they look to teach and develop in their workforce.