How to build a home office that works for you

Working from home has several benefits over traditional office working. After all, two-thirds of us who work from home say that we’re more productive than when we’re in the office and on average we save almost £45 per week by not commuting. However, although these statistics from Finder clearly display the benefits of home working, there are downsides, too. For example, almost 50% of us say we’re more likely to suffer from burnout. As a result, building a home office that accentuates the positives and protects against the negatives of homeworking is vital. Here’s how to do just that.

#1 A Segregated Space Will Enhance Productivity and Motivation  

Given the choice, many of us choose to work in an office because it’s far easier to concentrate and stay motivated. After all, your brain naturally associates this space with working and distractions are at a minimum because of the way the space has been designed. At home, the opposite is true. When you’re working at the kitchen table it’s easy to get side-tracked by unfinished chores, the television and other family members passing by.

As a result, you should assign a separate space for work. By having an assigned workspace, your brain will distinguish between ‘work’ and ‘home’. Plus, by having a dedicated space, you can close the door to your office at the end of the day and create a routine that will lead to a better work-life balance. This, in turn, will prevent burnout.

The best way of creating this office space in your home is to add an extension or to build into the loft. Although this isn’t a cheap step to take, you should view both the room you’re building and your business as an investment. After all, you’re likely to regain the money you spend anyway through increased productivity and added home value – property experts told The Express that conservatories add 10% to the value of a home. If this is an option you’re considering, then it’s a good idea to seek financial advice. A mortgage broker such as Trussle will be able to tell you in as little as 15 minutes whether you could remortgage to cover the costs, through the provision of useful tools such as FAQs and calculators. They can also point you in the direction of a suitable lender for the mortgage. Your bank can also tell you if you qualify for a home improvement loan.

#2 Invest in Connectivity

If you’ve built a home office in an extension or a room that’s far away from your router like a loft, then you may struggle with internet connectivity. If this is the case for you, then it’s worth investigating alternate internet options and investing in technology that will power your business. With the help of a high-speed connection, you’ll get more done.

If you’d just like to give your home’s Wi-Fi a boost, then look into range extenders and duplicators. However, if you have a busy family life and people are continually streaming or gaming, a different connection altogether may be better. If this is the case, mobile broadband or MiFi will be a better option for you.

#3 Mimic the Traditional Office Environment with Your Décor Choices

When you’ve built your home office it can be tempting to think you have a blank canvas that you can decorate however you wish. Although this is true to an extent, you need to decorate your space in a way that inspires you to work. Although adding dart boards and basketball hoops to the doors and walls may seem fun, you’re creating distractions. So, instead focus on how you can make a space that inspires you to work with the help of design ideas from experts such as Architectural Digest. This way, you’ll mimic a traditional office environment that your brain already associates with work.

Follow these three tips and you’ll easily be able to make a home office space that boosts your productivity and takes away the strains of home working. Although working from home presents its challenges, you should see this as an opportunity to reinvent the way you work and the way you interact with the business. By doing so, you can change the way you work for the better and become more profitable.