How to choose suitable phone numbers for your small business

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Choosing a phone number for your business is something which is easily overlooked. When starting a business, you might take a ‘plug in and go’ approach to choosing your phone. After all, there are more important things to worry about, right?

Actually, your business’s phone number can play a huge part in how your business is received. Your phone number can affect how big, professional or memorable your company is perceived to be by your target audience. Here are five things to consider when choosing a phone number for your small business.

  1. Present a local image

If you are trying to appeal to a new region or present a local image, then consider using a regional number. These numbers usually start with 01 or 02 and usually can be linked to a specific location.

If you choose the same area code of where your offices are located, this will show customers that you are connected to the community. This also means that you could choose a region which is nicer than your actual location if you wished to give off a different appearance.

  1. Non-geographic number

Non-geographic numbers are more popular with larger corporations which might have several branches. These numbers won’t give away where the call originates from. According to Ofcom, these numbers are usually used by businesses and Government agencies, for information, to make payments and to vote on TV shows.

  1. Appear bigger

This means that if you choose a non-geographic number for your small business, this can make your business look bigger than it actually is. In fact, you could be a sole trader and give the impression of being a multi-location franchise! This might make your business seem more professional and respectable.

  1. Protect privacy whilst working from home

Whilst many of us have been working from home during the pandemic, we have had to adapt our working styles. This has also meant that we might have had to use our own personal equipment and devices, including our own mobile phones.

However, when calling stakeholders such as clients or customers, you probably don’t want them to know your personal number, but you obviously want them to be able to call you back, which might have given you a bit of a conundrum.

Instead of having to get a new phone just for business, or try to hide your number when calling customers, consider Voco. Voco takes and makes voice or video calls on any device, wherever you are. This means that you can make phone calls through the app on your phone, but it will only ever display your business phone number to the other participant.

  1. Simplicity

In accordance with the KISS principle, keep it simple! Keeping your business phone number as simple as possible means that users are more likely to remember your number. Everyone knows the adverts on TV with the catchy jingles and their easy-to-remember phone numbers. Your 118s, 1066 – we remember them because they are both simple and cleverly done.

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