How to choose the best watch to match your suit

Want to find the best accessory for your work attire? Here, Gareth Johnston, Head of Watches at Ramsdens Jewellery, explains how you can choose the perfect watch to match your suit.

There are many reasons for a business leader to dress for success. What you wear to work can actually have a positive impact on your confidence, your thought processes, and how other people perceive you, according to a report by the Wall Street Journal.

Your suit can help you to exude confidence, but you should also be finishing off your outfit with a watch. Not only does it help to ensure you’re not late to any meetings, but a classic analogue timepiece can improve your productivity by limiting the amount of time you’re spending on smart devices (Forbes).

With so many benefits to your work life, I’ll be telling you how you can choose the perfect watch to match your suit.

Consider the style of your watch

The style of your watch depends on your personal preference. Are you looking for a design that emphasises technology, style, or durability? Choose from a:

Dress watch: These are better for formal occasions and usually have a plain strap and white face. Dress watches also don’t contain any of the usual sports elements, focusing more on practicality and the basics. These are best for those who want something more understated to maintain a professional air.

Diving watch: These can look quite smart and are a little more technologically advanced than dress watches due to their origins as a work watch for underwater divers. This style is best for smart casual work attire but can sometimes work well with suits.

Chronograph watch: These are a sportier take on the classic diving watch because they include a stopwatch in the face. They also tend to be made from more durable materials, which is perfect for those working outdoors or in particularly labour-intensive industries. But they can also look great with a suit if they have a metal or leather strap.

Pilot watch: These have a large face which makes it a lot easier to read than smaller models. They’re also originally made to be operated by pilots while wearing gloves and are a better choice for those who need an accurate watch that is durable and reliable in a more casual work environment.

Field watch: Originally designed as a military watch, these focus more on accuracy rather than style. Field watches are best for a casual work wardrobe or for those who rely on labour intensive activities to carry out their daily work tasks.

Pick the right brand for you

Your watch should be a statement piece that you’ll wear every day, so it’s worth investing in one made from high-quality materials. A branded watch is the best way to achieve this, but the brand you choose depends entirely on your style and budget. Buying pre-owned is one way to find a top-quality timepiece for a lower price. Of course, you should always make sure that your watch is genuine by checking the serial number engraved on the bracelet and only buying with a reputable seller, so you know what you’re getting is the real thing.

Decide what strap material you want

Different styles of watches come with different kinds of straps, so you need to pick which material you’d like the bracelet to be. This really depends on your personal style and preference. Metal straps are a little more durable than leather and are a lot easier to maintain. They’re usually considered more causal than leather but can make a big impression when paired with a smart outfit.

However, leather is a classic, formal look that’s better for those looking for comfort over style — which is great for those long days in the office. This material also looks a lot better with age, so if you’re planning on wearing your watch for years to come, a leather strap is the best choice.

Rubber is durable, but extremely casual, so it’s best to stay away from the material unless your job is very labour intensive. Nylon has the same effect and is more comfortable than rubber, but isn’t as waterproof.

Pick what colour would work best

Metal watches tend to be the most universal style, but the colour of the metal you choose should actually depend on the colour of your suit and other accessories. You want to match the colour to your cufflinks and belt buckle to avoid any clashing, but silver goes best with grey, blue and black. Gold is better suited to brown and beige suits and clothing.

If you’ve opted for a leather strap, always remember to match your leather to your belt and shoes. This will make your outfit come together as one and, since leather can come in all sorts of colours, it will also make sure that your watch will match the rest of your outfit.

No matter your role, a watch can really improve your work and this simple guide will make choosing your perfect timepiece effortless.

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