How to double your annual leave allowance in 2020

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Remember the festive period? Those were great times. As we leave the festive festivities, cheese and wine in 2019, it’s time to get back to work and back to the real world. But you’ve only just opened your gift from the team at Business Leader. Your gift? The tactical geniuses at Business Leader grabbed their calculators and scoured through the 2020 calendar to let you know how to get the most out of your annual leave – you’re welcome Britain.

Get 16 for the price of 8 over Easter

Chocolate, warming weather and many, many days off to bask in the sun (hopefully). Sound good? Good Friday and Easter Monday fall on the 10th and 13th April this year. Book your annual leave between the 6th and 9th April, and the 14th and 17th April. Including weekends, this will give you a total of 16 consecutive days out of the office.

Days to book: 6th – 9th April & 14th – 17th April
Amount of days off: 16

Make the most of the May Bank Holidays

Welcome summer in style by booking eight days of annual leave and get 18 total days off in May. The first May Bank Holiday falls on Friday 8th May. Get a full week off by booking off the 4th to 7th May. You’ll then have a week in the office to get back on top of emails before the second holiday, which falls on 25th May. By booking the 26th to 29th May, you will get a second full week off.

Days to book: 4th – 7th May & 26th – 29th May
Amount of days off: 18

Say goodbye to summer with 9 days off work

The August Bank Holiday is bittersweet for most Britons, as it signals that the warm days are numbered. Say goodbye on your own terms with a little forward planning. This year’s August Bank Holiday falls on 31st August. Book off the 1st to 4th September to get nine days to get the most out of the British summer.

Days to book: 1st – 4th September
Amount of days off: 9

It’s the most wonderful time of the year

Whether you like to go away or relax at home during the festive period, this is the perfect opportunity to kick back and relax. Christmas Day falls on a Friday in 2020, with the Boxing Day Bank Holiday being pushed to Monday 28th December. Get the most for your buck by booking off 21st to 24th December and the 29th to 31st December. This will mean that you will get 16 days out of the office for only 8 holiday days.

Days to book: 21st – 24th December & 29th – 31st December
Amount of days off: 16

So there you have it, a little pick me up from the team at Business Leader to get you excited about the year to come. Remember to keep checking the Business Leader website for exciting additions in 2020!

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