How to Keep Hold of the Customers Your Ecommerce Store Gained During the Pandemic

This article from TCC Global explores how you can keep hold of the new customers in your eCommerce store that were acquired over the course of the pandemic.

It’s fair to say nobody wants to dwell on all the bad things that have come out of the pandemic. However, one spark of light may have been an increase in customers and sales on your eCommerce store. Congratulations if this is you, and you’ve capitalised on an unprecedented turn of events – you’ve succeeded where so many have failed to do so.

Now as things continue to return to normal, or as normal as they can be, how do you keep the gains you made over the past couple of years and expand on them even further? Retention is the buzzword in ecommerce right now and here are just a few ways in which you can continue to reap what you’ve sown during the pandemic.

Create an experience

From the moment a customer visits your ecommerce store, it’s vital to create a cohesive journey that feels authentic to your brand. If you’re unsure where to start, utilising a loyalty solutions company such as TCC Global, can give you a wealth of insight into how to create long-lasting brand loyalty and engagement. From rewards to mobile apps to personalised offers and social media, loyalty solutions can cover all bases to ensure your customers stay faithful to you whilst becoming an integral part of their journey.

Show your customers you care

It is now more important than ever to flag your brand’s conscientious side to your consumers with a recent study stating 62% of respondents cared more about a company’s ethics than before the pandemic. Now is the time to think outside the box and explore how your company can give back to the community or do more to create a sustainable future and make sure your customers go on the journey with you.

Launch a loyalty scheme

Why not reward those customers who helped your business boom in the pandemic? Creating a loyalty program that rewards return customers and brand loyalty will make your customers feel valued and boost your sales. So, with the majority of customers favouring companies who offer rewards, now is the time to start dishing out those perks, points and prizes and watch your retention figures rocket.

Deliver on your promises

When a whopping 79% of consumers class customer service as extremely important to their shopping experience, it’s vital that you make good on your promises.

Customers are less forgiving than they’ve ever been when it comes to poor service and, with expectations so high, you can’t underestimate the importance of excellent communication, updates and understanding. A positive customer service experience could very well be the deciding factor between a committed and loyal customer and a once and never again purchase.

Having made a success of your store during the pandemic, do not think you can rest on your laurels. Remember the impact retention and loyalty solutions can have on your future growth and maintain those Covid-era gains.

So, with this guide, you will have everything you need to know about how to keep hold of the customer your eCommerce store gained during the pandemic, allowing you to continue to grow your business well into the future.