How to market correctly – 10 top tips for success

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Blue MooseMarketing firm Blue Moose has found in a recent study that 54% of people don’t click on adverts displayed to them on social media because of a lack of trust.

“Successful marketing will make or break a business. There is an incredible amount of competition in the industry today, so it is vital that our entrepreneurs know how to market their business, themselves and their overall brand properly to customers.”

Here, Blue Moose share 10 tips on how to use marketing to build a thriving business.

1. The concept of a wheel should be used to analyse a business with each spoke representing a product, a service and customer acquisition. For a business to run smoothly, there needs to be a balance between all three

2. Think of business marketing like dating – tease people up front that gives them just enough to be interested and wanting to find out more

3. Have a ‘special sauce’ to make the business stand out and make sure everyone knows about it

4. Know when to call it a day on ideas that are not working

5. An entrepreneur should reinvent themselves to build a better future

6. Read and use the power of books to become educated about business, leading people and market trends

7. Incorporate the power of technology within a business to elevate its success

8. Build a network of like-minded business professionals to embark on joint ventures

9. Focus the business on what it does best and run with it. Don’t spread services too thin

10. Integral to business success is the ability to remain grounded and take a few minutes ‘out’ each day.

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