Hunt Club secures $10m in Series A funding

Hunt Club, a tech-enabled talent and recruitment company placing leadership roles across the fastest growing companies in the tech sector, recently secured $10 million in a Series A funding round from Teamworthy Ventures, to further the development of their Talent Expert Network, candidate referral technology, and their growing high-performance recruiting team.

Hunt Club is on a mission to disrupt recruiting and specializes in quickly placing leadership roles (Director and above) in sales, marketing, product, finance, customer success, human resources/people, operations, and other roles for fast-growing businesses. The company operates with a trusted network approach, focusing on identifying quality candidates through warm referrals served by the Hunt Club tech-enabled recruiting team.

Talent Expert Network

Hunt Club believes that the best candidates don’t invest their scarce time and talent in a new job based on an impersonal algorithm. The best candidates are passive candidates and only consider a new job opportunity based on trusted referrals and recommendations, so CEO Nick Cromydas set out to create the most premium community of business leaders made up of entrepreneurs, executives, innovators, investors, and team leaders.

In a few short years, Hunt Club’s Talent Expert Network has grown to over 12,000 experts, connecting 6 million quality candidates through people and technology.

“We believe that the best recruiters in the world have incredibly valuable networks that they cultivate and curate. With our network mapping and referral technology, we can turn any one of our 100+ talent team members into the most connected recruiter,” shared CEO & Co-Founder Nick Cromydas.

“Rather than trying to disintermediate the recruiter, we invest in our product and engineering team so we can quickly build the best technology and tools to give our recruiters an unfair sourcing advantage. This is still a people-powered business today, and when you’re competing with other companies to hire a candidate who has 4 offers, the right digital candidate experience and human touch both matter”.

This round of funding complements the company’s Seed Round of $4.5M, with key investors such as Brian Spaly (Chairman of Tecovas, founder of Bonobos and Trunk Club), Woodie Levin (CEO and founder of Extend), FJ Labs, Starting Line Ventures, Network Ventures and more.

Stephen Schmalhofer, Partner at Teamworthy Ventures and new Hunt Club Board Member said, “After experiencing firsthand the power of Hunt Club’s multi-sided talent network to help our portfolio companies, our team saw that Hunt Club was developing a category-defining recruiting platform that is built to solve the urgent problem of finding the right talent and providing a great experience for candidates, employers, and recruiting teams.

“We’ve been impressed by their remarkable progress, scaling revenue, growing headcount from approximately 20 to 120 in a short period, and bringing on several talented new business and product leaders to serve the market demand.”

The funding is set to be used for further development of their machine learning technology that automates much of the recruiting process and will further facilitate Hunt Club’s impressive growth of its Talent Expert Network, expand the company’s talent team, leadership, and help expand the company’s headcount to over 150+ by the end of the year, with plans to scale to 300 by 2022.