Hyper-collaborative data platform Count hires Chief Data Evangelist as company looks to rebrand

Count, a hyper-collaborative data platform, unveils a fresh look and a new approach to empower teams in decision-making processes. The Founder of the BI/Analytics Data Storytelling Framework, Mico Yuk, has also joined the company as Chief Data Evangelist.

The London-based startup has rebuilt how teams collaborate around data by creating a tool that automates the last mile of analytics. Large amounts of data are often processed and relayed, but ultimately left out of the decision-making process. The last mile of analytics bridges the gap between teams getting data, and reaching data-driven decisions.

Now, Count is unveiling its rebrand to be one of the most collaborative data platforms on the planet, as a result of a perhaps surprising development process. While Count already had a successful product on the market – its SQL notebook – it went back into private beta because it felt that there was more it could be doing to supercharge its data tool to be more collaborative and action-oriented.

Mico Yuk’s onboarding comes at a pivotal moment for the company. A former data scientist and analyst, she is also a global keynote speaker and author who has trained thousands on how to use data visualization to power decision-making. Mico has seen first-hand how the tech industry is shifting away from big repositories of data, to mechanisms that enable teams to work smarter with that data. Count’s mission resonated with Mico’s expertise in using data-based storytelling and visualization to drive decisions.

“The key to really leveraging your data is to be collaborative with it,” says Mico. “That’s why team whiteboards like Miro and Figma have thrived: they’ve created immersive platforms for the whole team to share and work in unison. That’s what Count is going to do for data analysts.”

As Chief Data Evangelist, Mico will be responsible for the messaging and community-building around Count. She will help define the target market, and support advanced growth.

Count’s mission is to revolutionize the way teams use data to collaborate and be more actionable, intuitive and integrated into their day-to-day work. Count wanted to go beyond simply generating insights for companies, to actually supporting outcomes and decision-making. It has gone beyond the 2D function of a dashboard and champions hyper-collaboration: spaces where teams can gain a shared understanding of data with necessary context and nuance.

“When I was searching for what’s next, Count was the only analytics player that was genuinely focused on changing the dynamics of data collaboration and decision making,” says Mico. “It’s leading the charge in the post-tableau era.”