‘We’re an estate agency for the social media age’ interview with Adam Sutton

Adam Sutton

Business Leader recently caught up with Adam Sutton, the founder of emerging real estate firm Adam Sutton Estates.

At just 27, Adam is challenging convention when it comes to selling houses. His growing agency, which is catching the eye of property sellers, is firmly focussed on the social media age and his clients are reaping the rewards.

He spoke to us about starting his business and his plans for 2021.

What attracted you to a career in the real estate sector?

My family has always been involved in property; some of my earliest memories are being on building sites with my Dad while my Mum was working during the summer holidays. I love property so it was easy for me to go into this career.

Not realising at the time how much I also love the art of negotiation, selling homes is something I just took to so naturally. 10 years later the buzz of agreeing a house sale has never disappeared – it gives me the same feeling it did at the age of 18 every time!

You launched your own business this year. How is Adam Sutton Estates performing against the backdrop of the pandemic?

It’s definitely not been easy. I don’t have any investors or business partners on board so I won’t even pretend that it has been easy.

I take each month a blessing. It has taken a good 6 months of trading for us now to start making some profit. Like anything, you have the good days and the bad. I am doing a job I love and doing it exactly the way I believe it should be done and carried out. Our clients are really happy and its nice to see how far we have come in just such a short space of time.

You’ve been in the press urging people who are considering selling their homes to do so now. Why is now such a good time to sell?

This is really important because not a lot of people are aware of how strong the market has been over the past 6 months. During the pandemic, a lot of people are under the impression that now is not a good time to sell. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

There are a limited number of houses coming to the market but the demand is huge and this is what is driving prices up. There is a particular high demand from first time buyers. I say to anyone that if moving is on their agenda over the next year or two do not wait, sell now!

Why did you choose to open your business in Liverpool after a career working in London’s real estate sector?

Liverpool will always be my home. There is something magical about the city even with the gloom of the pandemic and everything that’s going on in the news. Just this week, the government said they would not be providing free school meals to children in need during the school holidays so what does Liverpool do?

Something like over 200 independent restaurants and cafes come together to offer free food during a time that they are barely making enough to keep their own doors open. Liverpool people have each others backs. We help each other. I have met people from all over the world but you’ll never meet anyone quite like the people of Liverpool.

What makes Adam Sutton Estates stand out from competitors in the region?

My love for the job and passion towards property does add real value to the service. I love working but I also love to have fun and during moving home, which can be very stressful, I am the least “business like” person.

I am not your typical blue suit, brown shoe wearing estate agent. Although I am super competitive, I really like to break records and make sure I get the highest house prices for my clients. It is good to also have fun doing it. I meet amazing people every day. Most of my business is all word of mouth so I have never felt I need to stand out from competitors. I just am myself, that’s usually enough.

Do you have any business role models?

I don’t look at any business role models for inspiration. I have grown up watching my Dad run a busy company in utilities and be a property developer building several homes and carrying out multiple renovations over the years. His work ethic inspires me.

But he always had time for us and the family, and he always said to me that “we don’t live to work, we work to live” and finding that balance is very important. Some of the business role models out there screaming out 4am ‘rise and shines’ to get ahead of the world. That is not what being successful is in my eyes!

What are your plans for the future of the business?

I want to start building a bigger team. Crosby on Merseyside is going to be the location of our next office which will be in 2021 at some point.

I also think I am definitely changing how people buy and sell homes. I am young so the traditional methods I find just don’t work anymore, people love watching our video tours on Instagram, it’s proving a great tool to advertise and only something that will just make our business grow stronger. One day I hope to have the biggest estate agency in Liverpool and the Wirral.

You can find Adam Sutton on Instagram @AdamSuttonEstates