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I Am You – Spoken Word Piece by Interaction

As the country eases itself blinking out of lockdown, many are thinking about what a return to the office looks for them.

It’s undeniable that things have changed, perhaps permanently; many people have found they’re productive, fulfilled and happy at home. However, others have found the time stressful, feeling isolated and adrift, often working in less-than-ideal circumstances.

Many business leaders have worried about the dissipation of one of their most powerful assets – their culture; the invisible glue that unites their teams. Bonds formed from laughter, intensity, daydreaming and meaningful shared moments, stolen in between meetings and emails.

At Interaction we believe in the power of people when they come together in a shared space; the power to do great work, the power to create unforgettable moments, occasionally the power to change the world.

Our foundational principle is People, Above All. It’s people we’ve missed most this past year. And it’s people who give us hope for the next. So we partnered with spoke word artist Edward Ogunrinde to create a short video that captures how we feel and celebrates our imminent return – to the office and to each other.

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