‘I strongly believe that a person’s background shouldn’t determine their future’

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Samuel Leach

Business Leader recently sat down with Samuel Leach, the CEO & Founder of Samuel & Co. Trading, to discuss how the 26-year-old has become a self-made millionaire through his international training course.

Samuel launched S & Co in 2012 while at university, after making £170k in just 12 months from his bedroom.

His goal is to help as many people as possible achieve wealth through FX trading. His underprivileged background inspired him to change his life and change others, hiring from a diverse range of backgrounds.

Describe your day-to-day-activities as CEO?

My day-to-day activities are incredibly varied. However, my main objective as CEO & Founder is to ensure that my traders are happy, innovating and constantly striving for more. I believe that a CEO’s first priority is to create a happy team that feel valued and want to achieve success for you and for themselves. On top of that, I am always looking for new ways to achieve success from the markets and then sharing them with my team and the wider trading community on Youtube and Instagram.

Can you explain your personal background and how it inspired you to start your own business?

I’ve come from a very humble background. At one point in my childhood my dad, brother and I all lived in a one bedroom flat in Watford – it was quite a squeeze! What inspired me was that my dad would always put me and my brother first, no matter what, and as a result I’ve always wanted to give back to my parents, to thank them for the opportunities they’ve given me.

As soon as I could I found work, whether it was washing my neighbours’ cars or the doing the paper round, so I could save my pocket money. When I realised that I wanted to get into the financial industry, specifically trading, my parents gave me the opportunity to enrol into a trading course that gave me the opportunity and the skill set to eventually start my own company, something I will always be grateful for. As a result, success for me is giving back to my parents and making them happy. I recently bought my Dad a boat, a lifelong dream of his, for his retirement present and he’s so excited!

Can you give our readers an overview of Samuel & Co Trading?

Samuel & Co. Trading is an international, government standard, trading programme. We have headquarters in Watford, Hertfordshire and in Madrid, Spain where traders can learn in house, as well as multiple online courses. Since launching the company at university in 2012, we have taught over 1,500 people from 64 countries, giving them the skills to become highly successful traders. I strongly believe that a person’s background shouldn’t determine their future. our aim is to give everyone who is passionate the opportunity to learn and become successful by trading the financial markets, regardless of what’s on their CV.

How did it feel to make your first million?

One of my biggest goals was to become a millionaire, yet the more the company grew, and I saw how my business was helping others become rich, I realised that my real satisfaction came from other people’s success rather than my own. Of course, it’s an amazing feeling to be able to give myself and my parents the life I could have only have dreamed of as a child, but I get a real buzz when traders from all over the world get in touch with me to tell their story and how a Samuel & Co. training programme has helped them achieve their goals.

Can you tell me about how you started the company coming out of university?

Since I enrolled onto a trading training course when I was 17 I have been hooked on trading. I can’t get away from the markets and when I went to university this didn’t stop. I was trading constantly, watching and learning from the markets, and within the first few months I had turned my £2,000 student loan into £170,000. My friend, and now business partner, Matt Wright, noticed the interest I was getting from fellow students who wanted to learn and mimic my strategies, and suggested a begin to charge a small fee to teach them. From there, the interest accelerated, and I knew that this could be a great way to help others as I help myself.

How do you help people learn about FX trading?

We run various online and offline programmes to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to learn and become the best trader they can be. I am always creating new strategies and technologies to ensure that all of my students are learning the most up-to-date methods. Many courses are extremely outdated, but Samuel & Co. Trading programmes are regularly revitalised. I also run webinars on my YouTube channels to advise traders on how to best take advantage of the markets.

How would you describe your company’s growth?

The company has grown exponentially in the last few years. We started as a small team of three in my mum’s living room in 2014, and in 2016 we moved into our official Samuel & Co. Watford Headquarters. This was an incredible moment for me, albeit a scary one too. As the company is entirely self-funded making such an investment was risky, but it was the best decision we could’ve made. A year ago, we opened our Madrid office to further solidify our presence in Europe, and we now have over 60 staff across the two countries. The company achieved a £1m turnover in 2017, and in 2018 we are projected to double this.

Can you tell me about your recent TEDx talk?

It was my number one goal to give a TEDx Talk, and it was such an amazing experience. I spoke about something I feel truly passionate about, and that I believe other young entrepreneurs could learn from ­­- why being uncomfortable is the answer. People shouldn’t run away from being uncomfortable or nervous, but instead use this feeling to challenge themselves and grow.

What are your future plans for the company?

To continue to use Samuel & Co. as a platform to demystify outdated, stubborn theories of the trading industry, that has been tainted by a minority of rogue traders and the glamorisation of Hollywood. I also want Samuel & Co. Trading to lead the way in encouraging more women to get into trading. We have some impressive female traders at Samuel & Co., but it’s clear that more work needs to be done.

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