Marvin Rees explains what impact ‘Brexit’ has had on Bristol

Bristol Mayor – Marvin Rees

An event held recently to discuss how ‘Brexit’ is affecting the city of Bristol. The event has held at @Bristol and organised by the University of Bristol.

Mayor Marvin Rees held a Q&A regarding the topic and gave his opinions and plans to help Bristol.

Rees said: “I think one of the key challenges is the uncertainty – there is a lot of economic uncertainty. Straight after we got the referendum results, we pulled together a whole lot of people at city hall from all the political parties and business and voluntary community sectors – what we wanted to do was not to just respond emotionally but get an evidence based review of where we are. The uncertainty is big.”

“We know there is a challenge around identity and belonging. We had a spike in hate crime. While it has gone down, it has not gone down to the rate is was before. There is a challenge of how we keep ourselves together in these times of heightened questions around identity.”