Importance of email marketing for businesses


With the unprecedented rise of communication channels such as virtual reality, video, chatbots, and artificial intelligence, it may seem that email has seen the best of its days.

However, this is not the case, with email marketing still being considered as an effective marketing strategy. With email being an effective marketing strategies, businesses therefore need to use it more than ever. However, the problem is that most entrepreneurs do not know how to effectively take advantage of this strategy. This article shows you how to effectively start and maintain a successful email campaign.

Good manners

When starting out at email marketing, it is very important to think of it as being a guest in somebody else’s house. Therefore, you should in your best behaviour when making pitches and advertisements to them.

Build a list

One way to take advantage of email marketing is to build up a sizeable list of prospective customers. Some of the ways to do this may include offering product updates, webinars, coupons, newsletters, free downloads, or free eBooks among other incentives. When building your email list, it is important to establish your credibility by explaining what the emails you will be sending will be about. You should also establish a specific call to action, and explain the benefits your prospective customers will get from your emails.

Choose an email service provider

There are plenty of welcome email Shopify marketing service providers to choose from. Each of them are a bit different, offering various options. Some of the common features available in most of them may include detailed analytics, customizable readymade templates, smart automation, opt-in forms, and audience segmentation among others.

Create great content

When people agree to be on your email list, they will be expecting what you promised them. In order to keep them interested, you will need to create great and consistent content. When sending emails, it is important to entice your prospective customers to open it. One way to do this is make the subject line stand out. Your subject line should entice curiosity and be exciting enough for the customer to open it.

Write as if you are writing to just one person

When making your content, you will be writing to hundreds or even thousands of people. However, you should structure it as if you are addressing an individual and a friend. This makes your customers feel special. To do this, you will need to really understand your customer base. One way to do this is to organize a chat with your subscribers if it is possible, and try and understand their needs.

Include some humour

When a customer smiles when reading your email, they will most likely be interested in opening it next time they see it. Humour is usually entertaining, personal, and people have an instant connection through it.

Optimize for mobile

Most people will usually read their emails on their phone. When making your email marketing strategy, be sure to also consider mobile users by making your emails responsive and loadable for various mobile devices.

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