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2020 has shown that having the right staff can hold your business up. But taking the time to invest in them could help your business soar.

Training your employees doesn’t have to mean losing them for days on end for off-site training. Nor does it have to be intensive or full on. Because let’s face it, you may learn a lot on an intense course, but your chances of retaining that knowledge are significantly lower than if you were to learn at your own pace.

And with our new Univertual platform, that is exactly what we are offering; short videos and mini courses to help you and your employees learn without disrupting your day.

The benefits of training are endless, not only to keep your business up to date with the latest practices, but also to boost staff confidence and productivity. Addressing weaker areas within your employees’ knowledge is not a bad thing, and is actually something which can be easily worked on. Investing in your employees is a proven way to keep them performing in a job for a longer amount of time; benefitting them and you.

Providing you cost-efficient learning, because who can say no to a freebie, right? Especially something with so many benefits to you and your team. Univertual offers you our ever-expanding content, with an added bit of fun as well. Covering areas such as Microsoft tools, computer management, apps and simple time saving tips; our free service is designed to help you, with no effect on your bank balance.

So why not prepare your company for growth, with our help. Univertual is here to offer you the training you deserve, without tearing you away from your desk. You are not tied down to learning things that you already know, but instead can search for those things you want to explore. And with all of our material video based, we want to offer you a simpler way to expand your knowledge. If, after all, that is something you don’t have time for this year, why not contact us at Nebula and let us take care of your IT problems for you. |

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