Innovative Tech company quietly provides the secret sauce for lowering cost of printed materials

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For nearly two decades, software firm Noosh has been used by savvy businesses to cut the cost of printing marketing materials. Now, the company is coming out of stealth mode, letting everyone have access to their secret sauce.

London-based Konica Minolta Marketing Services (KMMS) knows the secret, and their Ergo group has been using Noosh for more than 10 years. Their clients run the gambit from Unilever and Rolls Royce to Heineken, Royal Opera House, Which?, Nestle, and more. These businesses depend on KMMS to represent their brand image with materials, communications, and relationships.

Noosh is a software system that is used to manage the procurement of printed materials. The secret to Noosh’s success lies in capabilities that enhance collaboration with vendors and suppliers. The company has primarily sold its software to providers who offer marketing services to global brands.

As a cloud-based software system, Noosh is able to coordinate and streamline communications making sure all involved parties have access to the same information for consistent negotiations, fewer change orders, and compliance with brand guidelines.

Print projects like direct mail and packaging often have several components and complicated kitting requirements that make manual procedures error prone and complex by comparison.

Glen Livingston, Chief Revenue Officer for Noosh said: “Noosh’s footprint in the U.K. market is strong and growing, but we’ve been very quiet with our own marketing. Adoption of procurement best practices seems stronger in the U.K. than in the U.S., and we want Noosh to be a more active contributor on this topic to the community.”

Noosh says they have approximately 900 users in the U.K. and that it recently closed deals with two additional marketing services companies in the area.

With global print spend expected to top $980 billion U.S. by 2018, Noosh is positioning its system as a way to save 20% or more while also increasing the productivity of print buyers.

One global financial institution says it saved $15 million U.S. in just the first year and was able to double the amount of print buying with no increase to staff.

Case in point, Noosh conducted an annual survey of their clients to determine a kind of benchmark for procurement teams. They evaluated 175,000 projects representing $1.6 billion U.S. in spend and found each project has an average of 33 collaborative events such as file uploads, requests for quotes, and sharing specifications.

The Noosh platform streamlines these activities and also maintains a complete audit trail. As a result, Noosh users can handle nearly 6-times the workload of line items.

“Noosh is a great cost-cutting solution for marketing services providers and for businesses who want to use the same tools the professionals use,” said Livingston.

“We’ve been the ‘secret sauce’ for procurement teams for nearly 20 years now and it’s time everyone has access to the recipe.”

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