Video Debate: Is Tech the shot in the arm that healthcare needs?

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We’ve teamed up with the finnCap Group to go ‘Inside the Deal’ in a series of virtual events that you will not want to miss. In this instalment, we dive into the topic of accelerating digital transformation across the healthcare sector.

2020 saw hospitals, health systems, and also patients, increasingly relying on digital health technologies for care delivery during the pandemic, setting the stage for continued growth and innovation in 2021.

Although adoption of new healthcare technology has been slower in the past, continued innovation is needed to deal with a post-pandemic world and modernise unwieldy systems used in the healthcare sector. The real opportunities for business and to create lasting change for patients are there to be won.

However, is there a danger that digital could take over and that Doctors become technically proficient computers who forget how to treat the human condition? Or will digital technology, if developed correctly, be the remedy everyone involved in healthcare so badly needs, leading to more efficient and satisfied doctors and happier patients?


Oli Barrett MBE

Contributing speakers

Michael Jewell: Partner, finnCap Cavendish
Anthony Platt: Partner, finnCap Cavendish
Maddy Phipps-Taylor: CEO, Eva Health
Dr Michelle Tempest: Partner, Candesic
Richard Vincent: Founder and CEO, FundamentalVR
Dr Bippon Vinayak: Co-Founder, Square Health

Here’s a breakdown of what we covered:

Maddy Phipps-Taylor, Dr Michelle Tempest, Richard Vincent & Dr Bippon Vinayak: Could you tell us briefly about your companies? (2:37)
Anthony Platt & Michael Jewell: Could you give us a sense of the deals being made in the HealthTech sector? (6:31)
Maddy Phipps-Taylor: Could you tell us more about Eva Health? (10:47)
Richard Vincent: Can you tell us about a significant deal or contract you’ve done? (14:09)
Dr Michelle Tempest: What would say is the secret ingredient needed for small companies to pull off deals with big corporates? (16:11)
Dr Bippon Vinayak: Can you tell us about a significant deal or contract you’ve done? (18:06)
Maddy Phipps-Taylor: What have you learnt in dealing with a large enterprise such as the NHS? (20:56)
Michael Jewell & Anthony Platt: What trends are you seeing in the HealthTech sector? (24:15)
Dr Bippon Vinayak & Dr Michelle Tempest: How do you feel about disruption in the HealthTech sector? (28:40)
Richard Vincent & Maddy Phipps-Taylor: What are the biggest challenges facing your companies? (32:14)
Michael Jewell: What do you think about all of the global approaches taken by our speakers? (36:40)
Dr Bippon Vinayak: Your company decided to focus on the UK, why did you decide to take this approach? (38:06)
Maddy Phipps-Taylor & Dr Michelle Tempest: Why can it be difficult to get the NHS to accept new ideas, or even ones that are not necessarily new, but run counter to their ‘fixed’ ideas? (40:31)
Michael Jewell & Dr Bippon Vinayak: As we develop more and more digitally innovative solutions, how do we ensure that the people that most need the services don’t get left behind? (44:31)
Richard Vincent, Dr Michelle Tempest, Anthony Platt & Maddy Phipps-Taylor: There is a thought that big companies like Google and Amazon could become the big healthcare provider of the future, how do you feel about this? (49:04)
Richard Vincent, Maddy Phipps-Taylor, Dr Bippon Vinayak, Dr Michelle Tempest, Michael Jewell & Anthony Platt: Is tech the shot in the arm that healthcare needs? (54:00)

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