finnCap Group presents Inside the Deal: From regional to global – what do Tech businesses need to scale?

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We’ve teamed up with the finnCap Group to go ‘Inside the Deal’ in a series of virtual events that you will not want to miss. In this instalment, we look into the ingredients a tech business requires to scale.

Despite the challenges of 2020, UK’s tech companies are flourishing contributing to the economic health of the country. Growth in FinTech, HealthTech and enterprise software are set to continue. How can these innovative digital businesses continue to accelerate and access the finance they need to grow as fast as their ambitions?


Oli Barrett MBE

Contributing speakers

Andy Darley: Head of Technology Research, finnCap Group
Anthony Platt: Partner, finnCap Cavendish
Catherine Bennett: Founder & Managing Director, Caboodle Technology
Luke Jeffrey: CEO, Crimson Tide
Nathan Robinson: CEO, The Leadership Network
Jonathan Lister Parsons: CTO, PensionBee
Jennifer Sundberg: Co-Chief Executive, Board Intelligence
Aldo Monteforte: Founder and CEO, The Floow

Here’s a breakdown of what we covered:

Andy Darley & Anthony Platt: There has been a lot of deal activity in the tech sector in recent months. What’s happening in the space and what trends are you seeing? (4:42)
Jonathan Lister Parsons: Could you tell us about PensionBee? (8:20)
Catherine Bennett: Could you tell us about Caboodle? (9:33)
Luke Jeffrey: Could you tell us about Crimson Tide? (11:05)
Aldo Monteforte: Could you tell us about The Floow? (12:41)
Jennifer Sundberg: Could you tell us about Board Intelligence? (14:15)
Nathan Robinson: Could you tell us about The Leadership Network? (16:04)
Catherine Bennett, Jonathan Lister Parsons, Luke Jeffrey, Aldo Monteforte & Jennifer Sundberg: What would say is the biggest blocker or barrier to scaling up your business? (17:57)
Andy Darley: One of the main questions that is asked when you say that you’re raising money is for what and we’ve had some interesting answers from our panel already. (21:56)
Anthony Platt: We’ve heard from a lot of UK based companies today but to what extent are you hearing global businesses share their growth goals and ambitions? (22:26)
Jonathan Lister Parsons: Could you tell us about PensionBee’s funding journey and why you felt an IPO was the correct option for you? (24:35)
Jonathan Lister Parsons: What tips would you have for angel investors based on your recent experiences? (25:54)
Jennifer Sundberg: Could you tell us about Board Intelligence’s funding journey and why you decided to go down the Private Equity route? (26:34)
Nathan Robinson: Could you tell us about The Leadership Network’s funding journey? (28:50)
Catherine Bennett: Could you tell us about Caboodle’s funding journey? (31:09)
Jennifer Sundberg: What lessons do you have for a viewer who may be considering PE investment? (33:10)
Jonathan Lister Parsons: Are you worried about losing control of your business after you’ve listed the company? (34:12)
Aldo Monteforte: Could you tell us about The Floow’s funding journey? (35:47)
Anthony Platt: In the case of The Floow, they’ve had the backing of a corporation which is also another potential journey for an ambitious scale-up business. Do you agree it’s important to consider this as an option? (37:16)
Luke Jeffrey: Could you tell us about Crimson Tide’s funding journey? (37:59)
Jennifer Sundberg & Nathan Robinson: Raising funding can be very time-consuming. Isn’t every minute spent with a potential investor time that could be spent improving your business? (39:29)
Andy Darley: Can we take from this that the whole process of fund-raising is becoming quicker? (42:45)
Aldo Monteforte: How did you find out that your backer was the right fit for you? (43:25)
Catherine Bennett: Have you heard anything in this session that has made you think I should consider raising funding? (44:53)
Luke Jeffrey & Andy Darley: What is the experience of listing like and what benefits have you found? (46:54)
Anthony Platt: What are the secrets to selling a business? (48:39)

Questions from the audience

Anthony Platt & Jennifer Sundberg: Some of the greatest tech companies take time to generate positive cash flow. In the USA, growth capital can live with this risk-reward. In the UK, we seem to be way behind. Why is that? And is there emerging new kinds of capital sources in the UK that can support tech early in the growth cycle? (50:48)
Luke Jeffrey & Andy Darley: Do you feel that changes around Capital Gains Tax and Corporation Tax might drive a flurry of deals or does this not impact larger companies? (53:27)

Jonathan Lister Parsons & Jennifer Sundberg: The amount of venture funding going into all female-founded businesses is dismal, how do we change that? (54:38)
Catherine Bennett, Nathan Robinson, Andy Darley & Jonathan Lister Parsons: Measuring impact is very important and investors are looking more into these numbers as part of their considerations. Are you actively measuring this? (57:23)

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