Inventor hits back at ‘Dragon’s Den’ panel following government endorsement

Stuart Mason

An inventor has described TV’s Dragon’s Den stars as ‘cold-hearted’ following their decision not to invest in his business SpaTap®.

Since appearing on the show Stuart Mason has seen his invention praised by the Australian government, for its humanitarian capabilities.

Stuart says the famous investors let SpaTap® drip through their fingers and now this Aussie startup owned by the Englishmen is ready to bring the world’s first portable tap and shower device to market.

“You can’t blame the Dragons,” Mason said, “they’ve probably never had to use dirty water and deal with unhygienic conditions like over 2 billion people in the world do.

“Our mission is to make sure that everyone that needs a tap will have a SpaTap, no matter where they live, as we believe having access to water is a human right.

“The truth is, millions of people share taps with hundreds of other people and often these taps are the source of contamination, responsible for the deaths of over 2,000 children everyday.”

SpaTap has been named a winner of the Australian Government’s Humanitarian Supplies Challenge

The Hon Julie Bishop MP announced the winners of the Australian Government’s, Humanitarian Supplies Challenge, an initiative to take the best ideas from the private sector to improve the way in which Australia helps people in need.

Thirteen winning products have been selected that address three common challenges faced in the immediate aftermath of a humanitarian crisis: water, energy and shelter.

SpaTap was selected as a winner due to its innovative water dispensing technology.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade will now work with winners to secure appropriate amounts of each product to complement their existing mix of humanitarian emergency relief supplies that are stored in warehouses in Brisbane and Sydney for deployment in response to regional emergencies.

SpaTap® ultralight portable Tap & shower system helps to improve health and hygiene to those affected by humanitarian crisis.

SpaTap’s innovative internal flange device turns water bottles into a hand washing station or portable shower through its ability to control the water flow rate.