Ionity expands UK network into Milton Keynes

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IONITY, a joint venture between Daimler, Ford, BMW and the Volkswagen Group with Audi and Porsche, today announced that it will expand its UK network with a High Power Charging station in Milton Keynes.

IONITY is continuing the expansion of its UK charge network with the launch of a new station in Milton Keynes. Drivers can now charge their electric cars in less than 20 minutes using renewable energy from IONITY’s High Power Chargers at Milton Keynes Coachway.

Milton Keynes is the second station to be launched in the UK, with a third soon to follow in Gretna Green.

Joined by the Mayor of Milton Keynes, Cllr. Sam Crooks, the opening ceremony marked a significant step toward the future of mobility in the city.

As the UK home of Volkswagen Group, BMW and Daimler, the new station is also an important and symbolic location for the IONITY network. With the latest generation of electric vehicles providing much-improved performance, efficiency and comfort, the new network will ease range anxiety for existing and potential EV owners.

IONITY’s network will establish 2400 chargers across Europe by 2020, enabling hassle-free Pan-European EV travel.

Roads Minister, Rt. Hon. Michael Ellis MP, said: “Our ambitious Road to Zero Strategy outlines the Government’s vision for the UK to have one of the best electric vehicle charging networks in the world.

“Close collaboration with the private sector is crucial as we move towards a zero-emission future, and IONITY’s leadership is helping supercharge the UK’s charging infrastructure.”

Brian Matthews, Head of Transportation Innovation, Milton Keynes, said: “We are delighted to be working in partnership with IONITY, to create this ultra-fast charging facility for electric vehicle drivers. This demonstrates our commitment to support electric vehicle drivers in Milton Keynes and beyond. Milton Keynes has an ambition to remain a leading EV city.”

Marcus Groll, COO, IONITY said: “We are excited to continue the expansion of the UK network, alongside our partners. Milton Keynes is a key location, both geographically and as an automotive and technology hub – it was an ideal site for our second UK station. Now that there are IONITY High Power Chargers, drivers travelling in or through Milton Keynes can rapidly recharge their vehicles with 100% renewable energy.

“We don’t just want to provide the fastest, most reliable chargers, we want them to be as clean as possible. Eventually, our network will bring 40 High Power Charging stations to the UK, providing much-needed infrastructure for the e-mobility revolution. It is not enough to just provide 50kW chargers, that is not convincing anyone to make the switch.

“IONITY’s chargers are prepared for the advancement of battery technology and EVs of the future. Our network will enable long-distance journeys and help to make electric vehicle ownership a frictionless transition.”

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