IRIS raises £2.5m to fast track growth of its wellness audio technology

IRIS, a London-based tech start-up has announced it has secured a new investment round totalling £2.5m to drive the growth of its technology which has grabbed the attention of the audio and wellness industries.

Founded by Jacobi Anstruther in 2018, IRIS’s technology promotes Active Listening, enabling users to Listen Well in two ways. Firstly through it ability to dramatically improve audio quality on even low quality formats such as MP3 by unlocking the ‘live’ dimension that is lost in digital recordings, IRIS brings back ‘high definition’ to all recorded audio without the need for bandwidth hungry file formats.

Secondly and most relevant in the current global climate is the ability for IRIS to enable a unique neurological activation for users whilst listening to their favourite music, podcast or meditation soundscape.

IRIS Founder & CEO, Jacobi Anstruther said: “This new wave of funding for IRIS illustrates that the appetite to support British business and innovative start-ups is still present despite the current climate