IRIS Software Group launches new products to increase productivity for UK professionals


IRIS Software Group is today unveiling a series of next-generation products for businesses, accountancy firms and education providers, designed to take on the ordinary everyday tasks so organisations can focus on the extraordinary.

At its flagship customer event, IRIS World 2020, IRIS will reveal what’s next for its game-changing cloud platform, IRIS Elements.

The IRIS Elements cloud platform will enable businesses to easily access new apps and functionality as their needs develop, and integrate these to their existing systems, workflows and data. This helps IRIS customers adapt quickly to new business opportunities. They simply access the relevant business tool as their needs change, so they can focus on providing the right type of service with ease.

The first app to be launched on IRIS Elements is an automated anti-money laundering tool, which has been developed in conjunction with IRIS customers, enabling accountancy firms to automate mandatory checks and streamline onboarding clients. This allows them to quickly move to an advising role, rather than spending hours or days organising the paperwork to ensure they have complete confidence in the identity and background of clients.

Also launched today is IRIS Virtual Payroll Assistant (VPA), which will free payroll bureaux staff from repetitive tasks. Unlike traditional batch payroll processing – which requires frequent checking and human intervention – VPA uses intelligent automation effectively so it can be left to run overnight or while the payroll team work on more complex queries.

Acting much like the ultimate assistant, it churns through the mundane and highlights when a human touch might be needed such as to implement a maternity pay alteration or a salary change.

The product developments from IRIS cover the education sector too.

Making informed financial decisions is about to become easier for schools and multi-academy trusts (MATs) with IRIS Financial Planner.

Powered by SBS Online, the software allows a school or MAT to run different budgeting scenarios so they can see what the financial impact of different decisions would be. A head of finance would be able to see what effect a decision to build a new sports hall would have on budgets for classroom or staffing resources, for example.

The tool works with both single school and multi-academy trust level scenarios so the true impact of any decision can be revealed in detail.

JF Sullivan, chief product officer, at IRIS Software Group said: “The new additions to the IRIS software portfolio will transform the way organisations carry out the tasks which are the lifeblood of their business. Our customers will be able to work more productively, engage more successfully with stakeholders and plan effectively for the future.”

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