Increase in Irish consumer exports to the UK

Soopa have benefitted from ‘Brand Ireland’

Irish consumer exports to the UK are worth nearly €500m, according to recent figures gathered by Enterprise Ireland.

Increasing value by 12% in 12 months, Irish consumer products are becoming increasingly popular with UK buyers.

‘Brand Ireland’ is ever more on the UK’s radar, as shown by increased Irish exports and strengthened trading relationship since 2015.

Innovation is at the heart of this trade drive between the two countries, with the UK remaining Ireland’s number one trading partner.

Helping to facilitate this surge in retail distribution, Enterprise Ireland, the third largest seed investor in Europe, is continuing to invest in flourishing Irish companies to support them in achieving success in the UK as well as internationally.

Demand for Irish consumer products is on the up, with innovation playing a huge role in driving success.

One such Irish company which has led the way is Soopa which offers a range of nutritious plant-based dog treats and supplements and is now available in over 500 UK stores.

In addition, Soopa has strengthened its UK presence, growing 211.5% in under a year. Technology has played a huge role in spurring e-commerce, with UK online retail sales exceeding £130 billion in 2016.

Allyson Stephen, Market Advisor at Enterprise Ireland, said: “The UK will continue to be the largest market for online retail in Europe and, as it stands remains the fifth largest economy in the world by GDP.

“In a crowded market such as Britain, knowing your market is essential before targeting buyers and while there are similarities between Irish and British consumers, in a business context there are vital differences, such as continuous and new and developing routes to market which must be recognised.

“This is why we are continuing to invest in Irish companies, whether start-ups or more established, helping them achieve international success, and further strengthen their UK business relationships.”