Is an apprenticeship right for you?

Lauren Gale

To mark National Apprenticeship Week (7 to 13 February), Wessex Water’s past apprentices are encouraging people to consider applying for a role at the company.

Wessex Water’s current apprenticeship vacancies, which cover a variety of technical areas and levels, close on 20 February.

Engineering and construction technician Jordan Van Beek received a BTEC HNC qualification in Civil Engineering through his apprenticeship, while also gaining a range of industry experience.

Jordan said: “During my apprenticeship, I enjoyed working with my experienced colleagues who shared their knowledge and made the difficult tasks look easy. They are my inspiration when I go to work, and I look forward to learning something new from them every day. If you’re considering an apprenticeship, I would recommend applying. It may feel daunting at first, but it is well worth it. As someone who has completed one, it was the best decision I have made, and I’ve never looked back.”

Wessex Water’s technical apprenticeship roles often involve working outdoors and involve an element of physical work.

Repair and maintenance operator Lauren Gale was unhappy in her retail job before she applied for an apprenticeship at the water and sewerage company.

Lauren added: “My apprenticeship was very hands-on and practical. I got to work with lots of different people while completing a college course and gaining a valuable qualification. It has helped me achieve so much in the past few years, from boosting my self-confidence to hopefully inspiring other women to apply for apprenticeships in the water industry.”