Is ‘business class’ really worth the price?


airplane wingIf you are wondering if business class travel is really worth the price you pay, then there are several things you will need to consider.

Prices and services can vary from airline to airline coupled with the various reviews from passengers on how satisfied they are with the experience.

For example, some airlines are great at providing better seating and priority checking, but the onboard meal services may not be suitable enough.

However, if you are a tall individual and you want comfort for yourself, rather than squeezing yourself in economy class, it can be worth travelling in business class.

Here are some other reasons to consider before deciding whether business class flight is the right option for you and your business.

Status level with Airline

The common benefits of boarding a business class flight are; access to lounge, priority boarding, priority security screening, priority check-in and baggage drop, priority seat selection, complimentary meals and drinks, and access to one of the best seats on the aircraft.

With special membership to an airline, you will be granted access to some of these benefits without paying for business class fare. However, if you do not have access to a specialist membership, then the price can vary, and sometimes, it can be even cheaper then those with the membership.

Length of your flight

Flying for a long period of time on a business class is necessary if you are to consider the comfort and conveniences that accompany it.

With business class, you have the opportunity to rest, sleep, and entertain yourself and also you have the liberty to adjust your position on board, as well as spaces to move around in your seat which is not available with the economy class.

This is important for when there are long layovers, as business class passengers have access to lounges where they can enjoy free food, places to take a nap, take a shower, enjoy free wifi and recharge their phone.

Meanwhile, economy class passengers are stuck in their seat in the airplane waiting for the layover to finish.

First-class passengers that pay double the price of business class fare also have access to the lounge, though they are often offered better services in the lounge than business class.

Nevertheless, business class will grant you access to the lounge. Some people, however, chose the premium economy in which the only major difference with economy flight is that its seats recline 50% more than seats of economy class.

Business goal or family or couples ties binding

Travelling by business-class enhances the relationship and interaction of family members or couples boarding a plane.

First-class flight offers this opportunity, but the passengers have to pay a much higher fee.

Economy class doesn’t allow the full, free interaction of families because it restricts them of most of their actions while on board.

The best option for business partners or companies is a business class flight. It grants them the ability to relate freely, communicate conveniently and work comfortably onboard.

Extra services

Some airlines offer extra services when a passenger books a business class ticket. These services are helpful to some extent as they are somewhat beneficial.

Some of the extra services offered are complimentary chauffeur service to-and-from the airport, in-seat massage function, dedicated check-in desk, side cabinets, onboard shoe locker, priority for seat selection, business luggage tags, added weights to the standard weight of load allowed on board, and well-equipped amenities kits. However, some airlines do not offer the same extra services.

Cost of flight ticket

The cost of business class tickets vary from airline to airline. Business class flight seat across the Atlantic or the Pacific can be four or five times as costly as an economy ticket.

Some airlines also offer premium economy. There is a need to check the services on offer by various airlines for premium economy before booking tickets from them. A good website to get great business class deals is

In conclusion, you don’t expect business class to be cheap, considering the type of seat offered, access to lounges, priority boarding, fast track immigration, security pass, complimentary food & drink, extra carriage weight, and some extra services like chauffeurs to-and-from airport.

These are what reduces the stresses and delays of travelling and complement it with conveniences and comfort. These reasons might assist in justifying the cost of business class flight.

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