Is success a ‘copy and paste game’?

What is success?

Managing Director at Vas Promotions, Vasile Topciu firmly argues that success is a ‘copy and paste game’ and that if people want to be successful, they need to emulate the actions and habits of people who are in the position they aspire to be.

While in some walks of life, the term copying inspires negative connotations, outsourced sales and marketing specialist; Vas Promotions teach the value of imitating the actions of successful individuals to progress their own career.

As a rookie business owner, Vasile Topciu attributes his success to the people he has surrounded himself with and the coaches and mentors he looks to for advice and guidance. In spending time with these successful people, Topciu identified specific traits that lead to success.


Topciu contends that every successful person he has shadowed possesses an unwavering commitment. The business owner argues that all successful people follow through on their goals, no matter the obstacles in their path, and it is that commitment that results in success.

He said: “There is one big difference between successful and unsuccessful people; successful people don’t give up.”


Topicu continued: “Confidence is the cornerstone of success.”

The young business owner believes that confidence is one of the most powerful tools to generate success. Topciu recognised that every successful person he spent time with exuded confidence and that importantly, confidence does not have to be the result of success, it can also be a cause.

The Vas Promotions Managing Director argues that if people act confidently, then it produces a state of confidence that someone needs to be successful.

Focusing on others

One of the commonalities between the successful people that Topciu shadowed was a focus on others and celebrating the successes of others.

He said: “Too often people are self-centered and focussing only on themselves, however, the most successful people are focussed on helping to elevate others along the way.”

At Vas Promotions, Mr Topciu has implemented that belief into the company culture.