Is the future of outdoor media digital?

Damian Cox

Out-of-home (OOH) advertising reported a strong 29% growth in 2021, with an annual revenue of £901m. The figures collated by PwC for Outsmart show that Digital OOH accounted for 64% of total OOH revenue and continues to grow at a pace three times as fast as its traditional counterpart. The sector is clearly shifting from classic billboards to digital screens. But why? Damian Cox, the CEO and Founder of Wildstone, a leading aggregator of outdoor media infrastructure, explains.

“Digital billboards are the future of OOH advertising for several reasons, both commercial and environmental. The campaigns can be better targeted based on the screen location and quickly adapt to traffic conditions or changing weather. Multiple brands can advertise on one screen, as the campaigns rotate automatically every 10 seconds. This, in turn, eradicates the need for changing the posters every two weeks, which saves tonnes of paper and CO2 generated by frequent vehicle trips to thousands of billboard sites.

“Another benefit is the rationalisation of the overall number of advertising panels. One slim, modern digital screen replaces two, three, sometimes even four traditional billboards, resulting in a less cluttered environment.

“Last but not least, there’s a financial benefit to the property owners who can capitalise on land and buildings that are suitable for advertising. Rents on traditional billboards are being squeezed.

“At Wildstone, we are able to offer our landlords an uplift in rent for their advertising sites, which we convert to digital.”

Cox and his team are driving the digital revolution in the sector and lead the way in innovative outdoor advertising, with a special focus on exceptional quality and high-performance technology.

Wildstone was founded in 2010 and holds an impressive portfolio of over 3000 out-of-home assets, including digital 48-sheet screens, classic billboards, as well as super-premium digital sites.

The company buys and rents property assets for outdoor advertising across the UK and Europe, helping hundreds of landlords generate additional revenue from their properties.