Is your business ready for Brexit? And how to prepare for 1st January 2021, with Descartes

Watch the interview with Martin Meacock & Pol Sweeney from Descartes here

After years of turbulence, the national saga of Brexit still looms large over the business community. With the UK finally set to leave the European Union, uncertainty remains about whether businesses are ready for the 1st January 2021. We teamed up with Descartes for a very special event about how businesses can prepare for the 1st January 2021.

Martin Meacock (Director, Product Management, Customs Regulations) and Pol Sweeney (VP Sales & Business Manager UK & Ireland) from the firm joined us to discuss a range of topics around Brexit and the transition.

Here’s a breakdown of what we discussed during the interview:

Martin & Pol: Can you give us an executive summary of where we are now with Brexit and how you see it? (1:40)
Martin: What will the impact be of no-deal for UK firms and not having a free trade agreement? (3:30)
Martin: How likely is it, in your opinion, of reaching a deal as it stands? (05:06)
Pol: What do businesses that are impacted need to start doing now? (06:04)
Pol: Are you finding that the companies you have come across are quite prepared for the Brexit deadline? (8:20)
Martin: In your opinion, how can technology, systems and processes help businesses through the transition? (09:26)
Martin: What would your advice be to companies that haven’t started adapting to the transition? (11:15)
Pol: What action can you take now to ensure your business is compliant? (12:30)
Martin: Do importers and exporters need to take different paths to handle the transition? (14:13)
Martin: How do you expect the landscape to look different post-Brexit and post-1st January 2021? (16:18)
Pol & Martin: There’s a lot of negativity surrounding a no-deal outcome. Do you see any opportunities should that be the outcome? (17:55)

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