Weston based Vet raises awareness of new travel rules

Companion Care VetsIt is now cheaper and easier to take your dog or cat on holiday abroad thanks to UK law being brought into line with the rest of Europe. The process for obtaining a Pet Passport has been streamlined and can now be completed in less than a month, and for considerably less cost than under the previous rules.

Head Nurse at Companion Care Vets in Weston-super-Mare, Lisa Owen comments: “The recent law changes have cut out much of the cost and most of the time delay. You can now get a full passport within a month of deciding you wish to travel and it will cost you about £100 less than before!”

“Our pets are a hugely important part of our family lives, so every year hundreds of us face the tough decision about what to do with them at holiday time.?”

More information about the new travel rules can be found on DEFRA’s website, Practice Director Robert White-Adams concludes: “We still advise talking to your Vet about your travel plans – the pet passport allows you to travel quite freely but you still need to visit a vet abroad for a parasite treatment before your return to the UK, and you should also check with your vet what protection your pet needs to keep them fit and healthy whilst you are on holiday.”

To raise awareness of the new travel rules, Companion Care Vets in Weston-super-Mare are offering a promotional discount on pet passports: Usually costing in excess of £100, we are now offering the rabies vaccination, passport documents and micro-chipping (if not already done) for under half price, just £50, offering another huge saving on top of the already cheaper new travel requirements.

For further information, please contact Companion Care Vets:

Practice Director: Robert White-Adams Tel: 01934 418004