Ixora Energy’s new offering enables businesses to achieve AD ambitions

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Anaerobic Digestion (AD) specialists, Ixora Energy, have recently launched a consultancy service, providing both existing AD plants and corporate businesses who produce biodegradable waste with unique access to their green expertise.

This offering will enable AD plants to improve their efficiency and will assist businesses in achieving their Net Zero targets and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals.

For over 10 years, Ixora have been harnessing the latest AD technology to add green value to waste products, providing environmentally positive and cost-effective solutions. The company have assisted in transforming the UK’s food and agricultural waste into productive green energy; fuelling homes, businesses, and transport across the country.

Throughout 2020 alone, Ixora achieved an impressive uptime of over 98% across their eight existing gas to grid plants. This success enabled the supply of renewable energy to around 30,000 UK homes.

As a green energy solution, AD has many environmental and financial benefits over other more traditional energy generation technologies. Plus, AD can link directly to the National Grid, allowing businesses to generate power for the communities they are operating in. AD therefore provides an extremely smooth way of creating and sustaining a truly circular economy.

As well as contributing to the circular economy, AD is a great solution for companies looking to meet their Net Zero targets before the 2030 deadline. Ixora Energy can help businesses achieve these targets, as well as providing additional benefits, like meeting CSR goals.

Ixora collaborates with management teams, sharing their knowledge and enabling others with the skills and expertise required. Depending on the individual client’s needs, Ixora offers a full suite of AD business services, from establishing project feasibility all the way through to taking full responsibility for delivery and operation. As part of this service, Ixora will actively demonstrate and measure how AD facilities contribute towards a company’s wider Net Zero goals.

Darren Stockley, Managing Director of Ixora Energy shared: “We are pleased to announce this exciting move into the market and to customers who are already benefitting from our experience. We believe we can make a hugely positive difference to the productivity of their businesses, as well as boosting environmental and financial success.”

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