Japan’s National Debt to GDP Ratio five times Higher than China’s

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Tokyo, Japan

Data gathered and calculated by Learnbonds.com indicates that Japan’s national debt to GDP ratio is at least five times higher than China and two and half times more compared to the US.

From the data, Japan’s ratio is 279.34% while the United States is 111.41% and China has 52.30%.

Japan records a high national debt-GDP ratio

Japan’s ratio is the highest among the selected countries, with the United States occupying the fourth spot. On the other hand, China’s ratio is the lowest.

Italy has the second-highest rate after Japan at 156.54% followed by France at 114.34%.

Canada’s ratio stands at 107.65% followed by the Kingdom in the fifth slot at 104.27% while Brazil is sixth at 93.22%. In the seventh spot, India has 82.05% followed by Germany at 80.39%.

According to the report: “From an economic perspective, the ratio between a country’s national debt and its gross domestic product (GDP) is generally defined as the debt-to-GDP ratio. This ratio is a key indicator for investors to measure a country’s ability to manage future payments of its debts.”

The national debt to GDP ratio is a key indicator for investors to measure a country’s capability to manage future payments of its debts.

On the external debt to GDP ratio the United States (99.17%) figures are six times higher when compared to China (16.59%). The UK’s ratio is at least seventeen times higher when compared to China. Consequently, the UK occupies the top[ spot globally at 293.13% followed by France at 250.53%.

Germany occupies the third slot at 171.86% followed by Italy’s 148.85% while Canada closes the top five categories at 129.04%. Japan is sixth with a rate of 95.55% followed by Brazil at 35.52% while India’s 22.02%.

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