Getting the job spec right the first time

Lucy Bristow

Lucy Bristow

Lucy Bristow discusses the importance of getting the job spec right first time

I read a study by the Kelly Global Workforce recently that indicated that people are continuing to change employers with as many as 50% moving jobs in the last year.

But then when I read on I discovered that of those that had made the switch less than half (45%) were happy with their new role.

It seems that once in a new role, a fifth found the job differed from what they expected, whilst many found the work less challenging than they were led to believe it would be. As a result, a staggering 69% of employees report they are now looking to change jobs again in the next year.

Mis-sold jobs by employers

This caught my eye because it’s something we see a lot and suggests that employees are being mis-sold jobs by prospective employers.

In 25 years in the industry I think I can safely say that people generally move jobs for the following three reasons:

1. More money or benefits
2. Personal growth and advancement
3. A better work/life balance.

But whatever the primary motive for moving, when people are job hunting they are totally reliant on the job specification that they are given.

No matter how much inside knowledge they might have or research they might have done, the reality of what the job role entails has to be spelled out clearly.

The onus really is on the employer to make sure the job specification is accurate.

For example, if the role involves significant ‘administrative’ duties then say so.

Or it might involve the candidate spending 60% of the time on the telephone with very few face-to-face meetings, if this is the reality of the role it needs to come across.

Accurate and honest

Being accurate and honest with candidates over the job challenges and prospects will not only help any employer recruit and retain the right team but will also minimize costly staff attrition rate.

It also helps us as an agency to shortlist the right people, first time!

Even in a competitive market where everyone is marketing to each other, being honest, clear and straightforward in your message is so important.

Otherwise all that time and money spent on the process to find the perfect match is a total waste, for both parties.”