Is the jobs market on the up?

Lucy Bristow

Lucy Bristow

Recruitment expert Lucy Bristow discusses the current jobs market.

It was a great pleasure to read recently that Bristol has been voted the best place to live in the UK (source: The Daily Telegraph).

This makes me proud to be both living in and working with other organisations to create employment opportunities for this lovely city’s citizens.

Perhaps there is no coincidence that Bristol is also one of the top ten greatest hiring cities in the UK (source: Daily Telegraph) and while things have been sluggish for the last few years, the summer has been surprisingly buoyant indicating a real pick-up in the local economy.

The latest official labour market data released by the Office of National Statistics shows that employment rose by 155,000 and unemployment fell by 18,000 in the three months to August, effectively hitting a one year high. (source: BBC)

The Reed Job Index for September also showed that overall demand for staff rose by 24% compared to September 2012.

Some figures also indicate a small increase in pay which is another good marker of a growing jobs market.

It’s been too long since we’ve seen such a positive movement and this is definitely reflected, not only in a rise in permanent posts, but also in the number of temporary job placements we’ve had in the past three months.

A rise in the temporary job market has always been a strong indicator that businesses are looking to expand, albeit slowly.

We’ve particularly seen an upturn in manufacturing and construction industries, which is definitely a positive sign.

We’ve had a busy month ourselves as we’ve reached quite a milestone – celebrating 25 years in business. I can’t quite believe where the time has gone.

But I look back and I realise that in those years there have always been ups and downs….it’s lovely time to be celebrating as the economy and local jobs market seems to be back on the up.