Kairos Group Limited set to go into administration

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handshakeThe retail business of Kairos Group Limited has been closed with immediate effect and the company is set to appoint administrators in the next few days.

Kairos Group Limited, based in Winsford, Cheshire, was one of the UK’s largest privately-owned home improvement businesses and traded as Weatherseal, Zenith, St Andrews Glass, Penicuik, St Helen’s Glass.

Adrian Kirk, Director, Kairos Group Limited, stated: “We were hoping to continue longer with a sales process of the business we were undertaking but unfortunately we have to close prematurely. The reason for this is that our retail finance facility bank has taken the decision to withhold over £300,000 of monies for jobs we have fitted over the last two weeks. This money was earmarked for customer deposits, employees and self-employed subcontractors and the ability to finish all outstanding installations.

“The Directors are devastated by this decision and has left us no option but to close.We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our employees and self-employed subcontractors for their hard work and loyalty and wish them every success in the future.”

The Administrators are expected to be on hand to provide assistance on any employees claims or other refund queries.

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  1. anoother bunch of customers and sub contractors screwed by millionaire business men they should be jailed and the assets sold to pay everyone they are crooks end of

  2. Worked for them for 9 months as a installation manager what a nightmare they were always not paying there subcontractors suppliers , always on stop with Builder’s merchants, even had a bailiffs letter at my branch for non payment of rent. The directors were a joke excuse after excuse been on the cards for a long time. Bet they come back under another name

  3. bollox u owe myself and others deposits we paid only weeks ago..to have windows done £740 for me is a lot of money, i want it back!

  4. We were quoted for something that we did not ask for. When questioned advised that the cost would rise by £16,000+. Said we did not want done and promised deposit back over a period of 2 months. Now this – what a joke!

  5. “ administrators will be appointed shortly “ as stated on 19/10/2019 I hope that customers and staff get monies owing them returned. As the little people affected by the closure of this company, they will probably be at best on the lowest rung of the ladder that Kairos pay back…Did you know that Surveyors had to give £750 of their own money earned, into Kairos pockets, to be put aside in case of remakes, caused by surveyors incorrectly measuring a job. Expenses for fuel; postage and jobs measured have yet to be paid back together with the retainer…after 4 weeks self employed staff are still awaiting monies owed ! Bring on the administrators !

  6. I am one of many I’m sure who have been promised a top quality job in a few days time.Paid a deposit and signed all contract paperwork.We spent over 3 hours one evening with 2 reps who promised a good job.This was beginning of September.They must have known I feel.We cannot afford to lose this money and feel we have been duped.How unfair.

  7. I have just found out these bs. have went out of business I.I got new door months ago needed adjusted called just now and just found out this news absolute thieves I am lucky I have my door in lost my 10 yr warranty .My heart goes out to the folk that have lost their money suppose I am lucky The thieving swines have done as i said my 10 yr warranty have to pay for it to be adjusted and they had the cheek to try sell me Windows not long ago and most upsetting is the rep I had known over 20yrs came and tried to sell me them and tried to get a deposit of me he worked with them years and must known they where going out of buisiness bloody shame on you .Can’t even take them to court .I have just been ripped of with B+M bathrooms with my solicitor for nearly 3 grand , Law needs to be changed and these folk should have to be punished for what they have done and
    stop being able to hide

  8. Zenith Home Improvement, which is part of the Kairos Group, after several months of taking a contract to fix my front door and the gutters at the top of the roof, took a deposit of £349 and later promised a discount of £150 (£499 in total) after I contacted any company to take up the contract. The work was done after six months. However, my deposit and the discount were not paid back to me when they arranged finance with another finance company. Each time I requested for the refund and the discount, I was told the matter had been referred to the appropriate department until last week when I was informed that Zenith had gone into administration and so I should contact the administrators of the Kairos Group. I have been to the website of the Kairos Group and cannot find who the administrators are. The Ombudsman wanted to help, However, they claim they do not deal with Home Improvement companies and Zenith has not registered with them. Please, can you help?

    Thanks very much.


    1. If you google kairos group administration you will find the following information about this company ‘ Stephen Clancy and Sarah Bell of Duff andPhelps have been appointed as administrators as from 28th October 2019…’

  9. Have we lost the warrenty as our window has blown with gas inside what do we do now as we’re pensioners. This will be interesting.

  10. This company traded under many other names including Penicuik and in 2014 we had 19 windows fitted by sub contractor Job worth doing for Penicuik. Complete bodge up requiring them to come back and change all the sills and refit some windows. Now we have a window which is noisy and letting in rain which was examined by a local fitter who said that the frame wasn’t inset into the opening and the gap filled with silicon and could only be sorted by a new window. Unfortunately this window is 2400mm wide so will be very expensive to replace and obviously the 10 year guarantee isn’t worth the paper it’s written on. The latest rebirth of this company, Kairos-Group, has now gone into liquidation and I would guarantee that they will be back under a different name very soon to rip even more honest people off. According to a whistleblower they even bribed employees with a £50 bonus to post positive feedback. Maybe a TV show could do an expose of these robbing barstewards before anyone else gets conned.

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