Kantar and Engagement Labs launch new partnership

Focusing exclusively on social media mentions has left brands deaf to half of consumer conversations about their products and services, according to Kantar.

Although social media has been ground-breaking in changing the way customers review and recommend brands, offline conversation is still the principal channel for sharing both positive and negative experiences.

To bridge the gap, Kantar’s Analytics Practice has signed a multi-year deal with consumer analytics firm Engagement Labs to help brands build a holistic picture of how they are perceived.

The new partnership will combine analysis of everyday ‘word of mouth’ conversations with social media data, using Engagement Labs’ TotalSocial platform.

TotalSocial combines social listening – the analysis of public posts and shares on social media and blogs – with consumer surveys to understand how people pass on information and talk about specific brands in their daily lives.

Drawing on this all-encompassing picture of consumer conversations, Kantar Analytics Practice will use its marketing and campaign insights capabilities, coupled with its award-winning AI toolkit (known as STAN), to help brands understand how to best maximise the impact of their marketing spend.

This is the first tool of its kind to be used in the UK and will provide Kantar Analytics Practice with exclusive access to insight on 350 of the country’s biggest brands, across markets including FMCG, finance and telecommunications.

The partnership with Engagement Labs is Kantar’s latest investment in advanced analytics, following the launch of Kantar Analytics Practice in June this year, its new Advanced Analytics Labs in Singapore, and its recent partnership with Alibaba in China.

Matt Dodd, Managing Partner of Kantar’s Analytics Practice in the UK, commented: “I have long been impressed with the innovative work from the Engagement Labs team, and find TotalSocial to be the best solution to incorporate Kantar Analytics’ toolkit. I’m excited to be working with Engagement Labs on behalf of Kantar and its clients.

“It’s important for businesses to understand how they are discussed and represented online but we shouldn’t be blind to other data sources. Good performance online doesn’t mean that your product is the one being talked about around the kitchen table. Depending on your brand, the conversation between friends over a cup of tea could have a much greater impact on customer retention, loyalty and new sales than a photo shared on Instagram.

“Brands need to build a complete picture and this partnership will help our clients to integrate both their online and word of mouth strategies.”