Is the key to happiness starting your own business?

Vistaprint SBO vs FTO survey

Marketing materials provider Vistaprint, have explored differences in personality, career motivation and job flexibility between British small business owners (SBOs) and full time employees (FTEs) from across the UK.

The survey revealed that small business owners are twice as likely to love their job and be passionate about their work than full time employees. Though a desire to help others and empathy ranks highly amongst SBO traits, they aren’t as concerned about people pleasing – FTEs are 37% more likely to want others to like them.

Certain qualities clearly help when launching a business, but what motivates small business owners? Interestingly money is not necessarily the answer. Twice as many SBOs than FTEs cite love of the job and achieving work life balance as their primary career motivation.

Three times as many SBOs say their work is flexible compared to FTEs – and they’re also working an average of 6 hours less per week than FTEs.  With these advantages, it’s easy to see why over a third of FTEs (36.3%) say they have plans to start their own business in the future.

Oliver Harcourt, Head of Vistaprint UK comments: “We speak to SBOs every day and overwhelmingly these passionate individuals have positive stories to share.

“The survey highlights some of the benefits that can be achieved when starting your own business, whether it’s more time for your family, the ability to evoke change in your community or a renewed love for your job. We want to encourage people to be bold and live their dream.”