Labour to dramatically change foreign policy and Home Sec denies police cuts to blame for bombing – politics roundup

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn

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Terror threats link to wars abroad

Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn has said that foreign policy would dramatically change if he is elected next month and that his party would ‘reduce rather than increase the threat’ of terrorist attacks in the UK.

On his return to campaigning following Monday’s bomb in Manchester, he summarised the current situation ‘the war on terror simply is not working’.

Labour and Conservatives are not being honest with voters

The Institute of Fiscal Studies has said that neither Labour or the Tories are misleading the public about the economic consequences of their policy proposals.

The IFS said the Tories has very few tax or spending commitments in their manifesto and Labour’s plans for paying for its proposed expansion in state activity would not work.

Home Secretary denies police cuts are to blame for Manchester bombings

On BBC’s Question Time last night, Amber Rudd had to defend her party by denying that police cuts made the Manchester bombings on Monday more likely.

Since 2015, the Conservatives have cut police spending by 18% and total numbers have declined by 19,000 since 2010. Labour’s Greater Manchester Metro Mayor, Andy Burnham has called for a debate regarding police numbers.

UKIP has pledged to tackle radical Islam

UKIP’s Paul Nuttall has described the decision to launch his party’s manifesto as a message to terrorists that ‘they will not win’.

He accused the other parties of being too cowardly of addressing the problem and said his party would increase police, troop and border guard numbers.

PM calls on world leaders to fight online extremism

Theresa May has urged for the fight to be taken to the so-called Islamic State online by urging tech companies to remove extreme material.

The PM is expected to lead a discussion at the G7 summit in Italy during their counter-terrorism session regarding the issue.

Tories lead donations list for Q1 2017

The electoral commission has today released figures showing that Conservatives have received almost double the donations their nearest rival has. Theresa May’s party received a total of £5.46 million from donors in comparison to Labour’s £2.64 million.

The Lib Dems reported £603,155, UKIP £246,910, Greens £58,170, Plaid Cymru £23,000 and the SNP £301,935.