Land Registry and Ordnance Survey extend support to British start-ups

HM Land Registry and Ordnance Survey continue to provide financial support and expert advice through their successful Geovation Programme, as four new businesses are granted access to resource and support.

These additions will add to the 117 start-ups that have been supported since 2015 in introducing innovative digital products and services to their respective markets, raising over £77m in third-party funding and creating 484 new jobs since 2015. The Accelerator Programme is designed to propel pre-seed or seed stage start-ups, in the location and property industries, to the next level.

To mitigate the added challenges coronavirus (COVID-19) has presented its London-based hub of networking, workshops, development support and more, the programme has responded and adapted to ensure it continues to offer the next generation of digital businesses an all-encompassing package of support through remote digital solutions. This includes access to:

  • up to £20,000 in grant funding
  • high quality data from Ordnance Survey (OS), HM Land Registry and British Geological Survey
  • geospatial expertise from OS and land and property insight from HM Land Registry
  • business and strategy development capabilities
  • a team of full stack developers to help build their proof of concept/minimum viable product
  • business mentorship and coaching from third-party professionals
  • hub space at Geovation London, as well as partner hubs in Cardiff, Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester and Edinburgh
  • an extensive business network, including connection with investors and potential partners

Andrew Trigg, Interim Director of Digital, Data and Technology at HM Land Registry, comments: “Our ongoing support for Proptech small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) on the Geovation Programme is enabling them to seize disruptive opportunities in the housing, land and planning sectors. We couldn’t be more excited by the new innovators joining the programme, and can’t wait for them to add to an already glowing track record of products, services, and job creation as an exciting part of the UK’s digital economy.”

Paul Cruddace, Head of Innovation and Geovation for OS, says: “New businesses, new thinking and innovation will be key to the British economy as the nation comes through the Covid pandemic and looks for stability. Start-ups face many challenges, regardless of the current pandemic, and so at this extraordinary time Ordnance Survey, HM Land Registry and the Geovation team will relish giving our best to help these businesses who have joined us succeed.”

Talking about her start-up’s experience of being on the Geovation Programme, Iris Kramer of ArchAI says: “Geovation helped us develop our commercial skills base, expand customer exploration and market penetration strategies. Because of COVID and the lockdown, every business owner has had to quickly shift to being online. Being part of Geovation has given us the opportunity to learn how to navigate this situation from dedicated experts through workshops, and by sharing experiences with the other founders in the cohort during group coaching sessions. This helped quickly apply our learnings to grow our business, automating archaeology assessments to speed up construction planning, something which would have taken us much longer to arrive at on our own.”