Leeds entrepreneur appointed to Board of Trustees for autism charity

Vicky Huthart, Co-founder and CEO of three businesses in Leeds, has been appointed to the Board of Trustees for The Long Game, a charity that works with autistic students and graduates to create opportunities for the autistic community.

The charity helps the autistic community by sharing their knowledge and experience, whether this be through employability events, online resources or one-to-one mentoring. Through this, the charity hopes to develop new insights into the autistic community so that different backgrounds and circumstances are consistently appreciated and valued positively.

The Long Game was founded by Gemma Holtam, who herself was diagnosed as autistic and having ADHD as an adult, her passion for the charity comes from her desire to make the higher education sector and employability opportunities more accessible to autistic people.

Huthart will support employee/employer relations, helping to ensure the organisations that the charity engages with are knowledgeable and proactive in supporting autistic people and are able to empower and support them.

Her passion for joining the charity comes from a personal perspective. Huthart commented: “The education sector and employment opportunities are largely not welcoming of neurodiverse people, this comes from a lack of understanding from employers and a fear of stigma from the individuals too. Having family members diagnosed as autistic, I felt that joining The Long Game was an opportunity for me to share my knowledge and improve inclusivity in these sectors.”

Vicky is the Co-founder and CEO of Tribe HR & Recruitment Services, an outsourced HR provider for SMEs servicing England and Wales, with a current client base stretching from Northumberland to London. She has also gone on to co-found two further companies, Tribe Energy Services, and Q The Label.

Gemma Holtam had this to say about the appointment: “I am absolutely thrilled that Vicky has joined our board. The knowledge Vicky has gained as a leader in HR and recruitment will be instrumental to the success of The Long Game and I am incredibly grateful for her support.”

Vicky will join three other board members, who all volunteer their time and knowledge to the cause.