Legal firm warns businesses about revolutionary changes to employment law

Maeve Vickery

Maeve Vickery

A Somerset law firm is urging employers to get up to speed on employment tribunal laws following revolutionary changes.

Pardoes say that firms needs to know about the new changes of Early Conciliation (EC) which means that individuals considering bringing a claim in the Employment Tribunal have to inform the conciliation service ACAS before they submit a claim or the claim will not be accepted by the Employment Tribunal.

Since the introduction of fees in the Employment Tribunal in July 2013, Ministry of Justice statistics show that there has been an almost 80% drop in the number of claims.

Whilst this has been welcomed by employers there are steps afoot to challenge the position and Unison has been given permission to challenge the new regime.

Maeve Vickery, Head of Commercial at Pardoes, comments: “Employers need to be aware of this new regime and know what to do if approached by ACAS.

“Firms might have thought this additional hurdle would mean even less claims, but in fact it is leading to more and more employers being contacted by ACAS about settlement as the new scheme gives a financial incentive for prospective claimants to go to ACAS and see if they can get a settlement pay out without paying the Tribunal fee.”