Video debate: Business Leaders talk candidly about returning to the office

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Special Live panel discussion - are UK offices no longer fit for purpose? brought to you by harrison clark rickerbys

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With restrictions easing, many Business Leaders now face the task of deciding how the future will look for their employees, in regards to where they work and how they work.

Business Leader partnered with law firm Harrison Clark Rickerbys to talk to leaders across various sectors to ask them their thoughts on returning to the office and what the future holds for office space.

The panel:

• Mark Carter: Partner, Real Estate, Harrison Clark Rickerbys
• Lucy Cohen: co-founder, Mazuma Accountants
• Dominic Ponniah: co-founder & CEO at Cleanology
• Natalie Rogers: Chief People Officer at Unum UK
• Charmaine Vincent: CEO, Baltimore Consulting
• Nick Wright: founder, Fans for Brands
• Paul Williams: Director, Avison Young

Here’s a breakdown of what we covered:

Mark Carter: What are you seeing amongst your clients and contacts regarding returning to the office? Are we set to see a mass return to offices? (2:54)
Lucy Cohen: Where do you stand on home working as an employer? And has this period made you re-consider the role of the office and home in relation to work and what they should both offer? (6:00)
Charmaine Vincent: What role do you see your office space playing going forward? Will how your office change? (10:32)
Natalie Rogers: How are you approaching returning to work and how do you see the future role of the office? (13:37)
Dominic Ponniah: Regarding the offices you are going into as a cleaning business, what do they need to be beyond desks and Perspex screens now? (16:12)
Nick Wright: From a real estate perspective, do you feel we will have less going forward around our urban centres? Or will staff occupancy return to pre-pandemic levels? (20:09)
Paul Williams: What is your view on commercial office space and whether will see a shedding or re-purposing of offices? (22:50)
Nick Wright, Lucy Cohen, Mark Carter, Dominic Ponniah & Paul Williams: Is it the case that people are happy to come to the office if it is local and we could see recruitment shift (i.e. could we see big city firms relocating their offices)? (27:18)
Mark Carter: If home working shifts from major urban centres, do you believe businesses like cafes and restaurants will suffer as a consequence? (36:00)
Charmaine Vincent & Natalie Rogers: As business leaders who are organising a return to work schedule, were there any keys requirements that your staff asked for in particular? (37:37)

Questions from the audience

Nick Wright, Lucy Cohen, Dominic Ponniah & Paul Williams: What does the future hold for Co-working and Drop-in workspaces and will they become more popular with more people remote working? (40:31)
Natalie Rogers, Mark Carter, Dominic Ponniah, Charmaine Vincent & Lucy Cohen: How do we ensure that flexible working doesn’t become everyone in the office Tues, Weds & Thurs, as this will make it difficult to reduce workspace? Could work contracts be revised? (47:58)

• Final word from Nick Wright (53:06)
• Final word from Lucy Cohen (53:53)
• Final word from Paul Williams (54:44)
• Final word from Natalie Rogers (55:43)
• Final word from Dominic Ponniah (56:26)
• Final word from Charmaine Vincent (57:24)
• Final word from Mark Carter (58:19)

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