Local Employment Solutions to Build Traction in the US Market


In episode 5 of the America Made Easy Podcast, Newable take a look at outsourced recruitment and employment solutions.

Foreign investors eyeing a US expansion need market traction to justify investment. Reaching a critical mass of in market sales is a clear indicator of opportunity for further growth once on equal footing with existing market segment leaders and can be the justification companies need to take the plunge. Still, it can be difficult to convert online inquiries or trade show leads without on the ground support and intelligence whether that be business development or research capabilities.

This conundrum leads many international companies to consider avenues for employing their own representative in the market providing eyes and ears to inform their US strategy and win business. Sourcing independent contractors can be a short term solution but having a trained employee representing your interests 100% of the time can make the difference between success and failure. Still, employers in the U.S. face a host of regulatory requirements which can unnecessarily entangle a foreign firm still trying to validate the market opportunity. Employer of Record (EOR) services present one way for international investors to have their cake and eat it too in this regard presenting a flexible employment solution for investors.

In episode 5 of the America Made Easy Podcast, we take a look at outsourced recruitment and employment solutions such as EOR via Newable Avitus’ Validation Pilot and how they allow international firms to have boots on the ground in the US market without the administrative and regulatory burdens of being a US employer. For this episode, we are welcoming back Alex Mozota, Vice President for Recruiting at Avitus Group to help us break down these options for investors.

Tune in to our 5th full length episode as we explore how these solutions give international firms the flexibility to hire before setting up an entity in the US.  This episode will leave listeners with a clearer understanding of why outsourced employment solutions can be a good option for companies wanting to dip a toe in the US market as they determine the ROI on a full US expansion.

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