London’s tech founders and VCs discuss the environment and wellness at the fourth Founders Breakfast

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Following Earth Day, Spacemize and The Entrepreneurs Network set the theme for the monthly affair to be on sustainable businesses.

Everyday access to sustainable goods, increased environmental awareness and the connection between sport and founders’ health emerge as key themes at the roundtable. Founder of sports lesson booking app Aceify, Malcolm Graham, revealed sport has been vital in helping him to cope with start-up pressures. ‘This was the inspiration behind Aceify. To make it effortless for anyone to find a good tennis coach on demand – an hour of training that takes your mind off work. Accountability is also key- having the same trainer and improving your skillset so you keep doing the activity for the long term’.

Co-founder of the world’s largest marketplace for surplus food Too Good To Go, Jamie Crummie, agreed sport helped him stay present and de-stress throughout scaling his business. So, did having co-founders and a supportive community. On the topic of the environment, he added: ‘If food waste was a country, it’d be the third largest carbon emitter after the US and China. We as society can do small changes in our daily routine to have a positive lasting impact on the environment- cycling to work or saving a meal from going to waste.’

Attendees admitted they’ve experienced a general trend towards a more sustainable lifestyle although the challenge of accessibility to eco-conscious goods and services remains limited on a global scale. The event featured few of London’s leading early-stage venture capital firms such as InMotion Ventures, Forward Partners and Bethnal Green Ventures.

Keynote speaker Bethany Greer from Bethnal Green Ventures revealed people’s increased environmental awareness plays a key role in the surge of companies looking to build a ‘tech for good’ business. Still, the link between the impact of an innovative idea and its profitability remains key for investors. Emilie Hannezo from InMotion Ventures added: ‘Technology is changing the way we move in cities. The shift towards shared vehicle mobility, rather than traditional car ownership is one of the factors showing great promise to reduce people’s carbon footprint.’

Spacemize is a coworking platform which turns the underutilised areas of luxury hospitality operators into work spaces during the day. ‘Founders Breakfast’ is a monthly event series, hosted by Tzvete Doncheva and Philip Salter where established entrepreneurs and industry leaders gather to discuss a current topic of interest. The May edition will focus on founders’ transition from a corporate career to start-up life.

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