How long does it take for you to get ready for work?

Businessman running to work

A recent study by home furnishings retailer, Terry’s Fabrics, has found that people in the UK spend around 286 hours each year getting ready in the morning, or approximately 11.9 days a year.

The study found that, on average, Brits spend around 47 minutes getting ready each morning, but some admitted that they can spend up four hours preparing themselves for the day ahead.

Most popular time consuming morning activities

  • Eating breakfast (58%)
  • Having a hot drink (55%)
  • Showering (53%)
  • Making the bed (36%)
  • Spritzing perfume/aftershave (34%)
  • Applying makeup (30%)

Other, more unusual morning routine tasks, as revealed by Brits, included; feeding the wild birds, checking television recordings and practicing Spanish over breakfast.

The survey also discovered that Newcastle is the most efficient city when it comes to morning routines, with an average ‘getting ready’ time of just 29 minutes in comparison to cities such as London and Glasgow, each with 56 minutes, and Southampton, with an average time of 50 minutes each morning.

If you find that you’re constantly in trouble for taking too much time getting ready, you’re not alone, with 31% of people in the UK admitting that they tend to argue with family, friends or partners about hogging the bathroom.

Almost half of people in London (48%) said they argue about the amount of time they take and 50% admitted that their morning routine either sometimes or always makes them late.

When it comes to gender differences, it seems that many households are still very traditional with how they tackle domestic tasks. The study found that women are more likely to spend time on tasks such as getting the kids ready for school (20% of women in comparison to 10% of men), making the bed (43% of women in comparison to 26% of men), tidying the house (18% of women in comparison to 7% of men) and preparing lunch (18% of women in comparison to 11% of men).

The study also revealed the types of professionals that take the most time getting ready for work in the morning, with those working in accounts topping the list.

The top five professions, and the average time they take in the morning, are:

  • Accounts (1.3 hours)
  • Doctor/nurse/dentist (1.2 hours)
  • HR (57 minutes)
  • Administrative (55 minutes)
  • Director/owner (54 minutes)

Those working in accounts were also most likely to be late on a daily basis due to their routine, with a staggering 40% admitting this. In comparison, those working in retail have better time keeping skills, with only 3% saying that they’re late on a daily basis.

Paul McGuiness, Owner at Terry’s Fabrics, said: “It’s interesting to understand what people get up to as part of their morning routine and how this differs for each gender.

“There seems to be a big difference in the amount of time people take to get ready from city to city. The people of Newcastle seem to be the most laid back when it comes to their routine, while those living in London are a little more high maintenance!”

To find out how long people take preparing for the day ahead in your region, visit the Terry’s Fabrics website here: